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Living Life as a Chameleon

It was at a very young age that I awoke to what we all feel deep within our core—the need to be loved andRead More »

The Surprising Power of A Natural Look

If you haven’t already tried the no-makeup look, spring is the perfect time for it. I mean seriously, who has time toRead More »

Ask Dr. C: Get Outside Your Comfort Zone and Take A Risk

Life is full of scary things: speaking in public, meeting new people, first day of school, travel, first job, tryingRead More »

The Essence Of Our Words

I have these socks. They are comfy, warm, durable, black with a splash of color. My socks are so comfortableRead More »

Fighting for Loveliness: Rachel’s Story

THE FIGGGHHHHHTTTTTT So I guess this should start with an explanation: THE FIGGGHHHHHTTTTTT was inspired by myRead More »

The #LivingLovely Girls Attempt YouTube

You may have seen us by now, four girls introducing themselves on the Lovely Project’s YouTube channel.Read More »

How Being Asked About My “Best Moment” Became One of My Worst Moments

I’ve never thought being my authentic self was difficult. As a matter of fact, sometimes I have to turnRead More »

International Women’s Day: 4 Girls Changing The World

In honor of International Women’s Day, here are four young women that are making our world a little moreRead More »

Song Of The Week: Call On Me #TuesdayTunes

It’s that time again! The song of the week is Starley’s Call on Me (Ryan Riback Remix). This jam wasRead More »

Home Design: Small Changes For A Big Impact

Home Design: Small Changes for Big Impact Many people dread redecorating because of the hole it can leave in yourRead More »

What’s Your Name?

What’s your name? I know.  Sounds like a simple question. But what is it? More importantly, what does itRead More »

Valentine’s Day – we’ve got your back!

Find your situation below and click away: Ideas if you’re planning for HIM:   Ideas if you’reRead More »

Valentine Oreo Truffles

Valentine Oreo Truffles: Made with just 3 ingredients, these no-bake truffles are so easy and so delicious. (RecipeRead More »

Confessions From A Former Mean Girl

I used to be the “mean girl”.    …It was nearing the end of the school year, so that day in P.E. we were doingRead More »

The Countdown Is On! #TLPE2017

The countdown has begun! We are less than a week away from The Lovely Project Experience We here at the LovelyRead More »

Song of the Week: Rise Up #TuesdayTunes

#TuesdayTunes is back and every week leading up to The Lovely Project Experience, we will be featuring songsRead More »

To the Girl With the Broken Dreams

“If you are alive, you can dream.” ~Peter Brunton   We’ve all had dreams, both big and small. SomeRead More »

Lovely and Lasting #Bettertogether

If you have been to an experience or read any of our personal stories here, then you have heard us say in some way,Read More »

2017: All In

Happy New Year’s Eve, Lovelies. I don’t know about you, but sometimes goal setting in the new year can beRead More »

Easy No-Churn Egg Nog Ice Cream

  Easy No-Churn Egg Nog Ice Cream: This irresistible holiday dessert has just 6 ingredients, takes 15Read More »