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Kicking Ass & Looking Pretty: All The Things I Was Never Supposed To Be

I was always a well-mannered and polite girl, who stayed in on Friday and Saturday nights to make sure she wasRead More »

I Prayed to Die: Emily’s Story

We’ve all heard the saying live like you are dying, and as cliché as it sounds, I did not start living until I was toldRead More »

My dad is a Sex Offender… Stephanie (Elizabeth’s) story – as featured on HUFFPOST live

In honor of our upcoming Gala, (It’s tonight! There’s still time to get a ticket!) We are counting down ourRead More »

Locked Away In Her Memory, Molested at 10: Gabby’s Story

In honor of our upcoming Gala, (there’s still time to get tickets), We are counting down our most popular LovelyRead More »

I Lost My Baby: Rachel’s Story

In honor of our upcoming Gala, (There’s still time to come- barely- Click to get your ticket!) We will beRead More »

I Cut Myself… Melissa’s story – trigger warning…

In honor of our upcoming Gala (have you gotten your tickets yet?), We are counting down our most popular Lovely LikeRead More »

Beaten Bloody: Shelby’s Story

In honor of our upcoming Gala, (have you gotten your tickets yet?) We are counting down our most popular Lovely LikeRead More »

“Our Little Secret” – Aimee’s Story of Sexual Abuse

In honor of our upcoming Gala, (have you gotten your tickets yet?) We are counting down our most popular Lovely LikeRead More »

Coping with the Crappy – What the Heck?

Crap: it happens to us all. Every one of us has had a tough day, rough week and seasons of despair. Yet in tryingRead More »

From Worthless to Lovely: Rachel’s Story

Middle school is said to be the most insecure time of your life, and I was just another example of it. I was convincedRead More »

Online Dating that led to Rape: Lynne’s Story, (trigger warning)

Within a few months of becoming a single mom, I began realizing how difficult it would be for me to provide for my sonRead More »

Freedom = Forgiving: Courtney’s Story

We all have those moments…or you will…when we look back and say “Wow!”  I can’t believe that was me.  I didRead More »

Danielle’s Story “My parents got a divorce when I was 23”

I thought my parents had a perfect marriage and idolized their relationship.  When they told me that their relationshipRead More »

Married at 18 to an abuser: Sheree’s Story

“At that moment he punched the car window, grabbed me through the broken glass and threw me against theRead More »

Mommy Issues… Melissa’s Story

As we grow up, we learn that fathers are the head of the family, the protectors, the over-protectors, and often timesRead More »

Samantha’s Story: Life With Alcohol

Manic laughter, slurred singing, shrill voices.  Breaking bottles, slammed doors, muffled sobs.  Screaming, cursing,Read More »

A Sister’s Story of Adoption: I found out my brother was adopted…

Secrets…every family has them, or do they? I have begun to realize that in a healthy, thriving family thereRead More »

“Not Every Mom Gets To Be a Mother” An Open Letter if You’re Considering Adoption

Dear Brave Girl, We don’t know each other but I understand you are expecting a baby and are considering placingRead More »

Date Rape That Resulted in Pregnancy – Mariya’s Story

Growing up, my father was always working and since he was a transplant surgeon, he would sometimes be gone for daysRead More »

The Girl Who Could Fly… Lovely Melissa, Aerial Artist

Lovely Melissa is a college student at Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida and a part of Northwest Dance Company.Read More »

My Mom Was Always Angry: Ruth’s story

I felt scared all my life. From a very young age I remember my mom “losing it.” At the age of four, I remember my momRead More »

Police Brutality: Madeleine’s Story of Child Abuse

“I ended up locking myself in the bathroom. I knew what was next. Dad kicked down the door. Long story short, IRead More »

Married and Alone, My Life as a Lonely Bride: Jenna’s Story

” … he was in a war zone, I never knew if he was in danger or alive from day to day and that always kept meRead More »

Mean Girls: Eryn’s Story

When I started school, it seemed as if every girl already had their best friends. I’d walk around the sidewalks staringRead More »

Jessica’s Story “Fired Up”

I remember saying those hard words, “It’s ok for you to die.”  I left the room, thinking IRead More »

I Was Dyslexic, ADD, and I Was Held Back a Year in School: Jessica’s Story

“I’m a failure who rides the short bus!”  In school, reading and writing was always a challenge forRead More »

Sugardaddies, Slavery, and Abuse- Esther’s True-Life Horror Story (trigger warning)

“He would make us hold the stick over the stove, heat it up and then he would hit us with it on our bareRead More »

Daughter of Convicted Sex Offender Speaks Out, One Year Later

— One year ago, Orlando local girl Stephanie, a minor, highlighted her personal trauma in a segment on HuffPostRead More »

I should be dead, Nicole’s story

It all happened so quickly. I blacked out for only a second, awoke to blood pouring down my head & my friendRead More »

My Dad, the Coke-Head… Macy’s Story.

Most kids can’t wait to get out of school on Friday afternoon. For them, it meant the weekend had finally arrivedRead More »