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10 Fall Date Ideas for $10 (or less!)


I think everyone reading this can agree with me – fall is one of the most romantic seasons!

Even though in Orlando we may not experience beautiful foliage and a drastic change in weather, you can bet your mittens that when the thermometer drops below 80 degrees, we take full advantage of the beautiful weather by branching out from our normal routines!

So forget the typical summer dates of going to the beach and eating ice cream. Let’s talk specifically about 10 fun fall date night ideas that not only are unique and fun, but are also cheap! Each idea will cost you $10 or less.

Riding solo this fall season? Don’t feel left out! Some of these ideas are still perfect for an adventure with friends!

  1. Take the $5 challenge.

    My husband and I have done this before, and it is so fun! Go into a random store and give each other $5. You then have 10 minutes to buy a gift for your significant other. May it be silly (one time, I bought Wes an obnoxious singing card because I knew it’d make him laugh) or it could be serious (something they are really needing/wanting). You’ll have to flex your creative muscles to try to maximize your $5 gift.

  2. Go to a local farmer’s market.

    If you’ve never been to a Farmer’s Market, you gotta check one out! While you’re there, grab some samples, split a turkey leg (it’ll probably cost you the whole $10), or get some drinks while you survey the area. After seeing all the home-grown veggies and grass-fed beef products, I always talk about starting a life-changing organic diet… and then I’ll drive by a McDonald’s on the way home and cave into a medium fry and a chocolate shake. (Don’t judge me.)

    Two Farmer’s Markets I enjoy: the College Park Farmer’s Market at Infusion Tea, & the Winter Park Farmer’s Market on West New England Avenue.

  3. Knock on your friend’s door and surprise them with a singing telegram.

    Maybe you can’t sing. Maybe the only chord you know how to play on the guitar is “G.” Well, my friends, that is more than enough for this idea! Make up a funny song, and then show up at a friend’s house unexpectedly. You’re bound to make their evening, and hopefully they will invite you in for dinner afterward.

  4. Become YouTube sensations.

    You may not really become famous, but you will love making silly videos together! Have fun trying different accents, make up a stand-up routine, try your hand at some illusions… just get creative and start filming! This idea will cause you to get outside your comfort zone, and may cause stomach aches due to intense laughter. And it’s always embarrassing nice to look back on videos years later.
  5. Buy a puzzle and solve it together.

    Check out a local thrift store, and you’re bound to find a puzzle of some sort. Instead of taking it home to complete, find a coffee shop or park nearby where you can get your puzzle on. The real adventure is finding out if it still has all of its pieces.
  6. Geocaching.

    For the adventurous couple! Don’t know what geocaching is? It’s a global treasure hunting game where you can use your handy dandy GPS to find hidden containers/objects. I’ve never tried it, but maybe I will this season! To get started, visit:
  7. Stargaze on your roof.

    This is assuming you have a ladder. If you don’t, find someone who does and borrow it! Bring a blanket, some snacks, and your phone to play a romantic Pandora playlist while you gaze upon the beautiful night sky. My husband and I love to play this game we call ‘Airplane.’ The goal is to spot the most airplanes by the end of the night. With every airplane you spot, you scream say, “Airplane, I win!” Sure, it sounds corny and simple – but it’s fun how competitive this little game can become! Maybe you want to make a bet out of it, and the loser has to do something for the winner – like make dinner the next night. 🙂
  8. Make your own coffee at home & take it with you on a walk around a lake.

    Find out what day in the week is supposed to be the coldest, and set your date to be for that day! (It’ll give you an excuse to bundle up in cute scarfs/layers/boots.) Before leaving, fill up your thermos with coffee.
    Here’s a little trick for you: sprinkle some cinnamon in your regular coffee grounds. It’ll turn a plain cup of Joe into a delicious seasonal tasting beverage. Top it off with some whipped cream if you’re a sweets-aholic like I am!
    Maybe you are a morning person (like me), and you are the most alive when the sun has barely made it’s appearance in the sky. If so, make this an early morning date!
  9. Have a bonfire.

    Don’t have a fire pit in your backyard? Read my friend Joy’s article on how she constructed her backyard fire pit on a $0 budget! Grab some marshmallows to roast, and then you can challenge each other to the game Chubby Bunny! Since this is also the season of thankfulness, use this time while sitting around the fire to share what you are thankful for. Nothing gets me in a better mood than to realize how truly blessed I am, and it is so encouraging to set aside specific times for positivity and gratefulness.
  10. Go on a bike ride!

    To me, riding a bike is one of the most enjoyable forms of exercise. Make a playlist of some of your favorite songs to listen (and sing along) to while riding along. Got an old pair of roller skates from back in the day? Maybe you’ll want to break those out instead!
    It’s always fun to adventure around your neighborhood, but if you don’t live in a bike-friendly area, check out Trail Link to find a trail near you!
What are some other creative (and cheap) date night ideas? Share them below!