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101 Reasons Why Life is Lovely



It’s easy to get caught up in the negative headlines, or the hustle and bustle of the Holiday season. We can forget how much we truly have to be thankful for.  The Lovely Project wanted to hear from YOU and asked, what are you grateful for?


Here are your 101 reasons why life is Lovely…


  1. Adventures, big and small
  2. Unlimited amounts of coffee
  3. Tacos
  4. Instant access to clean and running water
  5. Warm hugs
  7. Enduring friendships
  8. The healing power of music
  9. Dry shampoo
  10. The fact that yoga pants are still acceptable to wear in public
  11. Laughing till you’re crying
  12. Chocolate
  13. Walking in the woods
  14. Hot tea
  15. Bonfires
  16. Make-up, even the cheap stuff
  17. Holding hands
  18. Second chances
  19. Sweater weather
  20. Cheese. Grilled Cheese. Mac and Cheese. Queso
  21. Dishwashers
  22. Hot tea
  23. Books to get lost in
  24. Friends from other countries
  25. Taco Bell and every restaurant open past midnight
  27. Emojis
  28. Hammocks
  29. Lovely groups that feel like family
  30. Trash day
  31. Fix-A-Flat
  32. Our rights and freedoms
  33. Being a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a mother
  34. A baby’s laugh
  35. A grandma’s story
  36. Banking apps
  37. Really good jokes
  38. Donuts
  39. Forgiveness
  40. Moms and stand-in moms
  41. Opportunity
  42. When there’s no line at Chipotle
  43. Shoes, all the glorious shoes
  44. Individuality
  45. Homes that have multiple bathrooms
  46. Sharing in a friend’s joy when something awesome happens
  47. Faith and the right to express it freely
  48. Handwritten letters
  49. Sriracha
  50. Christmas music
  51. Pinterest
  52. Public Wi-Fi
  53. Unconditional love
  54. HomeGoods. Target. Anthropologie. Every store that “gets” us
  55. Instagram worthy coffee mugs
  56. New beginnings
  57. Tampons
  58. Banking apps
  59. DIY projects
  60. Pedicures
  61. Community and culture
  62. Slow-cookers
  63. Google
  64. Family traditions
  65. Health- even on days when it isn’t perfect
  66. Your kids’ Halloween candy
  67. Vacation days
  68. Movies you can watch again and again
  69. Fresh cut flowers
  70. That our voice can be heard and heard freely
  71. The perfect playlist
  72. Washers and dryers
  73. Friends that keep you grounded and grant perspective
  74. Pizza
  75. Hitting every green light when you’re running late
  76. Learning something new
  77. Clean sheets
  78. Obstacles and hardships that we’ve learned from
  79. Breakfast for dinner
  80. Gyms with childcare
  81. The beach. The mountains. The wonder and beauty of nature in general
  82. Contacts/Glasses
  83. Flavored coffee creamer
  84. Fireplaces
  85. Folding the last piece of laundry (even it’s only for one day)
  86. Sports and exercise
  87. Brief and productive work meetings
  88. Sleeping in
  89. The express line
  90. Generous friends and family members
  91. Date nights
  92. GPS
  93. Netflix
  94. Friends who listen
  95. Adoption
  96. Beautiful journals
  97. People who pay it forward
  98. Sandwiches
  99. That email saying class is cancelled
  100. Setting goals and working hard to achieve them
  101. You, reading this right now


So Lovelies, here’s to being thankful for what you have – to the right now, the good & bad, the big things & the little things, and the LOVELY life that is uniquely and solely yours! We are so fortunate. Enjoy this season and appreciate all that comes along the way. No matter what, there is always something to be grateful for.




What would you add to our list??