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3 Ways to Make Fall Decor – Using Apples!

Create a calming atmosphere, filled with the sights, smells and taste of Fall – all with the use of Apples!

Check out these three easy fall decor ideas, centered around one of our favorite fruits…

apple candle holder

1. Candle Holders

This can be done with tea light, votive or taper candles and any color apples you prefer.

Making Votive Apple Candle Holders

Making Taper Apple Candle Holders


  • The bigger the apple the better it will stand on it’s own.
  • Core carefully, the candle should fit tightly in the hole you carve. If you accidentally carve too much, use wax paper around the candle end.
  • Put your apple candle holders on a base, to avoid wax on your tables and to add some flare.
  • Suggested bases: paper plate, glass desert plate, a piece of wood, mini pot holder or float your apple candle holders in a bucket or bowl.


2. Cider Cups

These can be used for any cold or warm beverage – but apple cider just seems like the most appropriate use to us!

Making Cider Cups from Apples


  • Don’t scoop too much apple from the center, it will make the cup thin.
  • If you choose to garnish with cinnamon sticks and other spices, add them right before serving so the taste of your beverage isn’t altered.
  • Bake the pieces of apple you scooped out, to make apple crisps – or save them to make potpourri…



3. Potpourri

after making your candle holders and cider cups, use your left over apple pieces wisely.

Making Autumn Apple Potpourri 


  • Use spices that you already have and items that can be found while taking a walk (orange peels, nutmeg, cinnamon, acorns, leaves, wild flowers, etc).
  • Shake your potpourri every other day to release aromas.
  • Store your potpourri in a bowl or make a fabric sachet.
  • The same ingredients can be used to make stove-top potpourri: just add water and bring the ingredients to a boil.


These ideas also make great gifts!

Just put all the necessary ingredients in a clear bag and add a bow (and instructions if needed).


How do you like THEM apples?  😉