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4 Takeaways From #BlogHer17

Hello Lovelies! Emilee here, checking in fresh off the scene from #BlogHer17, “the world’s largest conference for women online content creators, and the brands, media, and fans who want to connect with them.” Overall it was a really great weekend! I met tons of amazing people and learned so, so much! Here are my top 4 candid takeaways…



The Overall Spirit Of Resilience And Community  

My favorite thing in the world is seeing women achieving their dreams. Each #BlogHer17 speaker had an inspiring story to share- overcoming things like failure, trauma, mental health struggles, poverty, self doubt and the list goes on. The vulnerability this weekend produced was endless. It was refreshing and powerful.

To me, resilience was the common theme and a vital thread that bonds us all together. Also, many speakers spoke about community over competition and how we should lift each other up. The Lovely Project is ALL about that! #Allthefeels



Maria Bello and Sun Ladies

Maria Bello, actress and activist shared with us why she has switched from traditional acting roles to pursuing her passions. Her keynote conversation with Yasmeen Hassan was incredible. When speaking about finding her purpose Bello said, “You serve the best, by doing what you love the most.” That simple statement resonated with me.

Most noteworthy, is one of her new passion projects “Sun Ladies.” Sun Ladies is VR documentary about a group of incredible women who make up the “Force of the Sun Ladies.” We learned how these former ISIS sex slaves are fighting back for themselves and other women still in enslaved. The trailer alone left me in awe. It’s not public yet, but when it is- you know we will be sharing.


Image: Gabriela Arellano/SheKnows

Image: Gabriela Arellano/SheKnows



This Is A Bloggers’ Conference, Right?

There were several instances where things got super political. Look, I know we are in a time where the pendulum is abruptly swinging one way. I’m not thrilled with certain things going on right now either. That can be scary and though I may not agree with everyone on everything, I hear you, girlfriends. BUT, this is a bloggers’ conference. I came to learn about the nitty-gritty details of blogging, building your brand, and also to connect with other bloggers and influencers. When so much of the conference is filled with political overtones, it can be overkill and even polarizing to some.

However with that being said, the content sessions were amazing. I was totally nerding out learning about SEO, live- streaming, productivity, and digital advertising. The networking opportunities were lit and the brands were easy to speak with. SERENA WILLIAMS, among many other keynote speakers inspired us all.  All of the glorious expo swag and opportunities were a dream. Stop me. I could keep going….


Staycation Destination

Hilton Bonnet Creek hosted the event this year. Being from Orlando, I chose to take a mom’s sanity weekend and stay on-site with a blogging bud during the conference. I thoroughly enjoyed this gorgeous resort. Lazy River? Check. A variety of good eats on-site? Check. Roomy accommodations with a staff that is delightful? Check. Close to fun? Check. In conclusion, this resort is the bee’s knees. Get yourself there asap.


Image: Hilton Bonnet Creek


Overall, a great time was had by all. A big thank you to the wonderful BlogHer and SheKnows staff. The event was executed with excellence and professionalism. Special shoutout out to BlogHer’s Melisa Wells, for keeping us attendees in the know on what seemed like a minute-to-minute basis. I am still not sure if this amazing woman is human. I hope she is taking a nice long vacation right now!


Stay tuned, Lovelies. After a great weekend, we have some exciting things in-store for the blog. You can also find us on Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.