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5 Ways to Show Your Friends You Love Them!


Be the friend you want to have.

If you know me, you know that people are my favorite. I seriously can NOT resist a good hang out with my friends!

Over the years, I’ve searched for the best way to feel the most loved by my friends. I’ve discovered, through trial and error, tears, drama, and unexplained expectations, that relationships do not grow by begging for attention. Friendships do not mature through manipulation. In the end, you will not feel loved by changing your personality to become someone else so that you’re accepted by the group.

The best way to feel loved is by pouring out love on others. 

(Click here & here for two awesome articles by Dr. C about what healthy friendships should look like!)

With that said, every person has a different love language. While one friend may love getting a letter filled with encouraging words from you, another may look forward to just a simple hug. Here are a few different ideas you can use to show your friends how much their friendship means to you…


1. Flowers, flowers, and more flowers.

99.99% of girls love receiving flowers! I seriously am obsessed with them. If I could have fresh flowers in every room of my house, every single day of the year…. oh man. What a happy world that would be!
Find out what your friend’s favorite flower is, and surprise her with a beautiful bouquet! You could even go so far as to make a cute chalkboard mason jar vase, write a sweet note on it, and deliver it to her filled with pretty flowers!

2. Buy her a tank of gas.

For the very practical gal. Yes, this can be expensive, but think – how happy would YOU be if someone bought your next tank of gas? (Or, you could just buy a $20 gas card instead.) 😉

3. Call instead of text.

Yes, texting is great. I love texting. I won’t even TELL you how many texts I sent last month – it’s a bit shameful. But texting (and I’ll lump in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Quilt, Path, etc.) is definitely not as personal, touching or meaningful as an actual phone call. Call her for no reason but to just listen to her talk about her day. Think of a way to compliment her. Sing her a song over the phone. Make her laugh. If she doesn’t answer, leave a ridiculously long voicemail until it cuts you off. 385721_3480896333787_1126619310_n

4. Take her to coffee.

Take her to your favorite local café. (Or, if she hates hot beverages, like lovely Aslinn does, then take her to get a smoothie!) Again, this can be a great time to talk and catch up on life, as well as to experience a new place together. (If you live in Orlando, one of my favorite coffee places is called Downtown Credo. It’s a super cute & trendy choose-your-price coffee house that gives back to the community!)

5. Send her some snail mail.

Hand write a letter on a cute card (you can’t go wrong with a card from Rifle Paper Co.) or on pretty paper, print out some pictures of you and her together, and maybe include a couple of little random trinkets.
Check out LeafCutter Designs for the cutest gift idea – the Smallest Package in the World!


CONThanaWhat are some of your favorite ways to show your friends some love?