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8 Things to Never Do on a Girls’ Getaway!

I love going away for a few days with my besties!1003437_10102117223389202_984845811_n

We never feel like we get to spend enough time together; so once a year, my besties and I sneak away for a long weekend to do nothing – and everything.

The destination must have: water (pool or ocean), shopping, yummy restaurants (no cooking allowed), cable TV, and lots of time to talk, catch up, make memories, and most of all celebrate our awesomeness. What could possibly go wrong? After all, we are lovelies for life!

Well yes, we are lovely. And yes, we are besties – but we are also still human... And the very differences that compliment each other can also rub each other the wrong way.

Here is my list of things to try to avoid doing in order to truly enjoy your next bestie-vacay:

1. Thrown under the bus.

Never point to your friend in a large crowd and yell, “Teenage pregnancy, right here!” (I was 30 and pregnant and my bestie said this. I got so many rude looks that I could not even take the compliment of being mistaken for an 18 year old.)

2. War of the Thermostat.

This is a cold war that goes back to the very first lovely getaway I had ever been on. Most liked the room cool (74) at night, others (including me) liked it as low as it could go (65)… And there was one person who was freezing if it was even one degree below 80. That was a rough trip. From that trip on, she now brings mittens, gloves, a snow cap and winter PJ’s to getaways. (Freedom, you know who you are!)

3. All things Bathroom.

With 4+ girls sharing one bathroom for 2+ days, there is always someone in the bathroom changing, primping, showering and/or ‘Riding the Crimson Wave’… And we all ride that wave with our own style. Only, you would never know just how different – until a getaway. Please keep in mind that we are all sharing the same bathroom for a few days – If you are ‘SUPER’ personal, get over it! We will find out. If you are ‘SUPER’ open about it, please show some restraint and make sure that you make sure to give ‘The Loo’ a once-over and clean up after yourself! (I don’t have the heart to mention names here, but yes, this is another true and messy story!)

4. The ‘4 Song Shower’.

We have 1 hour for 6 girls to shower and get all dolled up for a night out. This is not the time to lock the door and plug in your iPod dock while you take the time to loofah, properly shave and give your hair a hot oil treatment! 4 Songs! At an average length of 3.5 minutes per song… that’s the equivalent of a 14 minute shower! Its been 5 years since this incident, and while we all forgive our bestie, we will never let her live it down. (Kourtnie, you know you who are!) From now on, she has to be last in line for shower time.

5. Communal Closet.

One tradition my friends and I have is to dress up and go out to eat at a nice restaurant on the last night. We each bring a few of our favorite dresses – but the rule is, that you can not wear your own.  You have to pick from someone else’s dresses. It is SO much fun! — Unless you didn’t know about this rule – because it was your first time – and you bought a dress just for this night out, and you were so excited to wear it for the first time. Oops! (I was the one who wore her dress… Sorry! I really like your style?!)

6. Sick Sisters.

If you are feeling ‘under the weather’ and think that you can just sleep it off on the trip – DON’T GO! On a trip to Miami, one of my friends was not feeling well but didn’t want to miss out on the fun. Within 24 hours, they all had the swine flu (Bullet dodged; I didn’t go on that trip because I had just had a baby!) One hotel room – one bathroom – 6 girls vomiting with diarrhea – you can do the math. So not cool. If you love us, you will let us go… without you!

7. Inevitable Embarrassing Moments.

You cannot avoid it. 48 hours (or more) of non-stop-girl-time-fun is a breeding ground for embarrassment. An ocean wave will relieve someone of their bathing suit top. A joke will be too funny and someone will wet themselves or fart. Someone will inform you that you snore or talk in your sleep. A habit you thought was normal or cute will be laughed at. Embrace the embarrassing. These moments are the glue that bonds our friendships together! (AKA, it’s the dirt that we all use to leverage and enforce secrecy and discretion.)

8. Avoid the 2 C’s: Controlling and Complaining.

The point of a getaway is to have fun. Sometimes, plans change or fall through – be flexible. A very wise and old sea turtle, named ‘Crush’, said it best: “Go with the flow.” Don’t be the complainer on the trip. There is nothing friendly or fun about complaining. It’s not ‘your’ trip, it’s ‘our’ trip — Stop finding the problem with everything and enjoy the time away together! Girlie getaways are fun because you never know what memories you will make.

I have to be honest: These blooper-moments have made for some truly great memories!

I love my lovely friends. I have enjoyed our friendships and time spent together so much! With my lovely friends, we can be serious when we need to be, (you have read about many difficult times we have helped each other through) – But we also know how to have fun together!


Cheers to best friends!