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A Lovely Rustic DIY Christmas Centerpiece (They Won’t Believe You Made)

OH Come Alt View centerpiece

As soon as the air gets cold and crisp, and long before it is socially acceptable, I start singing Christmas songs.  I don’t know all the words to any one song, but I find myself singing the same verse over and over, and even making up my own words to fit the tune.

So once Thanksgiving hits and I started devising my Christmas decor plan, I knew I had to incorporate my favorite song lyrics.  And that’s where it all started!

Oh come Boards

Oh, Come, All Ye Faithful is so beautiful.  It has sentiment, it means something (and I know the words to at least half of the song, hooray!).  I also love antlers, so I can’t say there is any real meaning behind them being incorporated other than that!

Here’s what I used:

2 boards, 6×15 in
2 small scrap pieces, 5 in saw
4 screws (screw driver)
pencil (or anything with a point)
2 paint brushes (fine and medium)
paint: green, blue, white, red, and gold (Martha makes my favorite gold)
sand paper

Start by roughing the edges of your boards to make them look like they have clocked some hours on a barn door.  If you need help finding cheap-o wood pieces, head to the back of your favorite hardware store where they sell wood (and right where they cut them) and you’ll find some odds and ends, and pieces that are too rough to sell full price (score!).


Dry brush the boards haphazardly with your base paint, mine is regular Kelly Green with a little Royal Blue mixed in.

brush on board green paint

Put your boards together using the scrap pieces.  Place them so you can screw in two screws on each side.

board backside

drawing antlers

Once dry you can start putting your design down.  I started with the antlers since I wanted the words to work around it.

I drew my design on paper first, then chalked the wrong side of the paper.  You then use your pencil on the right side of the paper to outline the shape. The chalk will give you a good guide to paint within (if your primary color is light, then use pencil instead of chalk).

antler chalk

Then paint inside the lines!

Antlers Paint

I started with white on the antlers since gold tends to be lighter and would not stand out as much if I put it on without a primer.

Now Adding The Words

Oh Come Drawing


Oh COme chalk

Do the same process with the chalk and pencil for the words and paint in the lines the same way as you did the antlers. I painted all the words white initially, and then painted over “all ye” with red later.

Once you have all your words painted and dry, take some sandpaper to it to rough up the boards.Now you have yourself a little sign!

I stood mine up on the table, but you can also add a couple little hoops for some bakers twine on the back side or staple in some ribbon to hang.  TA DA!

But wait!  You need some candles too (like in the first picture)! 

Oh Come Candles

Here’s a quick, dare I say easy, addition to your display.

At the dollar store get:

2 couple glass dishes (They have a lid – I’ve seen them bottom shelf under glasses) OR mason jars
2 glass candle stick holders
elmer/kids glue/mod podge
tea light candles, battery operated ones works with lids on
hot glue (the actual glue gun is not at the dollar store)
Spray paint (optional)

Glass Craft Pics Dollar Store

Spray paint the candle sticks like I did for the mason jar bases, or leave glass.  Hot glue them on the bottom of your dish/jar. These particular ones were from Goodwill, $.50.

Elmers Glue Glass

Take some Elmer’s glue/mod podge and thin it with water.  Paint glue on the glass bowl (using tape as a guide – or not), and generously put glitter on!

Glass Glitter

Dry, and put a candle in it!

Just like that, you have a fun centerpiece!  Or a fun gift, there’s always that!

Centerpiece Oh Come

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Mollie Garre 1Mollie lives with her husband & two kids in the Dallas, Texas area. She’s a Clinical Social Worker by profession & a stay at home mom by passion. Her passions range from Human Rights advocacy to chalkboard paint. She doesn’t go longer than a day without chocolate & doesn’t like talking on the phone. Find her DIY doings at You Are My Happy.