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A Pin Come True: My Kitchen Remodel

This past summer I finally got to check off one of my dream goals:

Design my own kitchen!

I have had the joy of being hired by two friends to help with their home makeovers and I have always had a love and an amateur eye for function and design (Thank you HGTV and TLC’s Trading Spaces). Our mad-money-saving-skills coupled with an unforeseen delay in the conception of our 3rd child, left us with a large chunk of change in savings. So we decided to remodel our kitchen (a few years earlier than expected).

We moved into a house that had been empty for 1+ years and the previous owners apparently thought they had D.I.Y skills… My house would beg to differ.


joys kitchen before




My Favorite Kitchen Details:

joys favs - kitchen remodel - pin come true

1. The farmhouse sink in front of the window. The old sink was in the corner wasting space. Now its a center-piece with a view!

2. My cabinet display windows. I love that I can display the emerald green glass heirlooms that my dad gave me.

3. Granite Counter-tops. I stumbled onto this beautiful slab of rock and fell in love! I have never seen anything quite like it. It’s gray and white and still feels warm. And I love the prominent veins.

4. My floors! Herringbone plank tile! #Swoon #APinComeTrue.

5. Organization. I am having so much fun making a place for everything! My OCD now has a place to run wild…


All of our cabinets and the farmhouse sink are from IKEA.

The floor tiles, back-splash and faucet are from Lowe’s.

We already had our appliances.


In closing, here is my ‘I-wish-I-knew-then-what-I-know-now’ list:

1. If you cannot do the labor yourself, plan on doubling the cost. The cost of labor is equal to or greater than the cost of product.

2. Home Remodeling is a part time job. I had no idea that I would be spending 20 hours per week running errands, communicating with crews and stores and…..

3. It is easier to live without an oven than a microwave (9wks people! Thats a lot of room-temperature-coffee.)

4. Plan to spend 10%-15% more than budgeted on unforseen fixes and underestimating prices or time needed for the project. (I already knew this but it still stung like bee.)

5. Over-communicate. If you are known for being a nag – put those nagging skills to use and confirm everything twice with emails and texts and calls.

Over all, I love my new kitchen – My husband catches me smiling at it all the time. And, since we paid for everything in cash, we are already saving up for my next project – New floors throughout the rest of the house! Stay tuned…