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April Fools Prank Ideas!

Still looking for that perfect prank to pull off this April Fool’s day? Here are some April Fools pranking examples straight from real life!

Prank #1 – Wrapped up

I wrapped several co-workers’ offices, desks, and cubicles in wrapping paper. It was really fun listening to people’s grumbles and shouts of confusion coupled with the sound of crunching wrapping paper as they frantically unwrapped everything so that they could start working. To make it more interesting, I wrapped various accessories and hid them in places where they wouldn’t be found until later! (People are still finding things!)


Prank #2 – Locked down

I took the key to my co-worker’s cubicle one day when he wasn’t in the office and locked all of the drawers and cabinets – I also locked his keyboard inside one of them. Then I hid the key. When he came in the next day and tried to open all of the cabinets, I just busted out laughing. Since my cover was blown, I started giving random hints that were irrelevant to where the key was hidden.  I also kept moving the key, so when I gave a good hint, it didn’t mean anything for very long. Eventually I gave in and gave obvious hints. It was really fun for me! Plus extra funny because he had to rearrange his desk to use his laptop keyboard while his other one was in hock.


Prank #3 – Flamingos?

My workplace did a fundraiser where you can pay to have someone’s desk or office “flocked,” or decorated in flamingos! It has become a yearly tradition (and raises a lot of money!) This year, I got flocked 3 times! The kicker is that you have to pay to find out who “sent the flock”! It was really fun! As you can see, I embraced the flocking, some others, however, weren’t as enthusiastic about spending the entire day in a flamingo-filled office or cubicle! (Those are the people that got flocked the most.)


Prank #4 – Another language

My roommate saw that I left my phone lying on the couch and, since I didn’t use a code to lock it, decided to go in and change the language on my phone…to something like Chinese. Even better, he put a lock on my phone so I couldn’t even get into it to try to change the language back. I was FURIOUS because, well…I don’t know Chinese!!! And even if I did, I couldn’t get back into the phone without his help. It was infuriating at the time, but in hindsight, it was a great idea and, guess what? I don’t leave my phone lying around anymore.


Prank #5 – A sticky situation

One day, I came  into work to find my mouse missing and a Jello mold on my desk with (what appeared to be) my mouse inside. My co-worker was kind enough to not use my actual mouse, but I had to dig into the Jello mold to get it out and to find out that it wasn’t actually mine.


I’m blessed to work in an office with awesome people and to have awesome friends who embrace the fun and frustration of pranking!

I’m still learning to be a good sport, but when I get pranked, I try to make sure I’m not being  “that” person who can  “dish it but can’t take it.”  It’s all in good fun!

What pranks have you done? Have you ever had a prank backfire?


Happy Pranking!!!

*Pranking is not for everyone. Please speak with your doctor before deciding if pranking is right for you. Discuss any current pranks you are a part of including history of pranks you have administered and/or received. Side effects from pranking may include laughter, congratulatory high fives and/or new friends who respect your craft. More serious side effects may include offence, hurt feelings, dizziness, profuse sweating, involuntary screaming, urinary incontinence, tingling in extremities, loss of balance and/or friendships, temporary blindness, heart palpitations and in some rare cases, death.


Natasha  – Fun-lover and Office Prankster Extraordinaire.