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Ask Aslinn: Back-to-School Survival Guide

August is here and that means that summer is over for students.

Here are 5 tips to help you survive another year of social angst and homework:

  1. Dress well.

    This doesn’t have to mean designer clothes and a diva make-over, but first impressions do matter.

  2. Be friendly.

    Smiling goes a long way.  It says you are open to new friendships and a safe person to approach.

  3. Help someone else.

    Everyone is nervous on the first day and looking out for themselves.  Go out of your way to help someone and you will have an instant friend.

  4. Laugh at your own embarrassing moments.

    It’s gonna happen.  Something terribly embarrassing will eventually happen to you in middle or high school.  Be a good sport and laugh at your mistake.  (I once tripped while walking so I desperately grabbed on to the backpack of the guy walking in front of me, which simply meant that we both ended up laying on the hallway floor.  Oops.)

  5. Act confident.

    Even if you don’t feel it, fake it.  Practice makes perfect.  Hold your head up, look your peers in the eyes, and smile.  People will think you are confident even if your insides are shaking.


Here’s to another successful school year! Cheers.