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Ask Dr. C: 5 Decisions that World Changers Make

What does it take to be one of “those” girls. The ones who seem to be changing the world around them? You’ve met her. I’ve met her. Is she really so very different from you and me?


Let’s look at 5 decisions that are important to a girl who wants to change her world:


    1)  She decides to do more than expected.

This girl accepts a responsibility to do more than is required, setting her apart from the crowd. She is pushing back against complacency and rebelling against the saying “just do your best”. She doesn’t give herself permission to “just get by” and doesn’t buy into the mindset: “you’re not so bad compared to______”.

   2)  She decides to be known for excellence, in whatever she puts her hand to, not for excuses.

   3)  She decides to care about relationships.

She looks for ways to connect with new people, as well as deepen her relationship with friends and family.

   4) She decides to be focused.

She is “in the moment” and gets rid of distractions that compete for her energy and affection.

   5) She decides to love people deeply.

She shows this by getting involved in the world around her. This is done any number of ways from volunteering, to using her talent, tutoring/mentoring, collecting/donating food, clothing or toys for those in true need.


I want to meet this girl. She will change her world. Is it you?