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Ask Dr. C: 5 Things To Say To Mom On Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is upon us once again, and many of you will be looking for the best way to show yours that you care. While gifts are nice and flowers are lovely, lovelier still is a bouquet of carefully chosen words that have truly come from the heart.

Take a quick glance at this short list of five things you might consider saying (or avoid saying) to your mother this holiday…

1. Tell her how much you love her. It never gets old- and if those words come with a hug – even better.

2. Acknowledge her effort. Tell her you appreciate how hard she worked to give you the best life she could.

3. Let her know she is an example to you and give her some specific ways. My own mother always had an awesome work ethic. She worked tirelessly until a job was completed. She was also not afraid to defend those who couldn’t defend themselves. I admire her so much and miss her every day.

4. Ask her about her goals and dreams. Get to know your mom as a person – not just as a mom.

5. On this day, don’t bring up old wounds or unresolved issues. There is time for that another day.

She carried you for nine months and nurtured you until you could survive on your own. It doesn’t cost any money to give of yourself. Whatever you decide to say or do, be sure to “check-it” so you don’t “wreck-it”.

Give her some love on that special day!

Dr. C.