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Ask Dr. C. – I’m not insecure… do you think I’m insecure?

Christmas is the time that brings out all the women who are creatively crafty.

The women who know how make things… really cool things… like unique Christmas gifts and amazingly hand crafted cards. These are the women I admire and if I were going to be insecure…. this would do it.

The definition of “secure” is: The ability to be around anyone, in any situation, regardless of how attractive, how intelligent (or how creative) and still maintain personal confidence and contentment.

Contentment: Check.

Personal confidence: “Not so much” when I see boldly creative projects that just seem effortless.

And as you know, we have ladies that write for the Lovely Project who are just that creative.

Maybe you are the type: The one who can make a gingerbread house from graham cracker squares and leftover m&m’s…. The one who can knit a winter white scarf to match the berry red sweater you bought on sale with a coupon for $5.99… The one who handcrafts greeting cards with sequins, glue, ribbons and a smile?

Most of my friends realize that the painting/drawing/sewing ability passed me by. In spite of all the “anyone can draw if they are shown how” encouragements… I can’t do it.

I did try learning to sew a few years ago. Someone who had great faith thought I would enjoy sewing if I had a machine. Who knew there were so many ways to get frustrated when you’re only working with thread? The bobbin wasn’t the only thing that had too much tension. The words that wanted to come out while trying to get that simple fabric to look anything remotely like a dress.

My daughter, Sarah, who later decided she better stick to dancing, tried her hand at sewing. She made…. some sort of a dress, but didn’t want to wear it herself. So, she told her sister, Aslinn, that she had made it for her….you know, as a present. Not wanting to hurt Sarah’s feelings, Aslinn wore the concoction out with us for an evening party. We’re still laughing at that one.

But my oldest daughter, Crystal, has redeemed sewing for our family line. She has created her own brand, Rowan Tree Studio, and makes beautiful clothes for kids, fleece blankets, aprons, etc.

A few weeks ago, I was at my friend Julie’s annual card party. Uber fun. I am surrounded by women who love designing, creating, and decorating Christmas cards (scrap booking kind of way) and they are so creative and beautiful. Mostly what I love is to eat the yummy food there. I watch helplessly as the women around show me how to stamp in the center of the card… tie the ribbon so it doesn’t fray….put teeny, tiny sequins all over a snowman. I’m just glad to be invited.

Being secure is knowing who we are and who we aren’t. It is an ability to be around anyone, in any situation and maintain personal confidence and contentment. May I also add, being able to find humor in it all.

We are getting ready for a fantastic Christmas!

Here’s to all the creative crafters out there!

Dr. C.