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Ask Dr. C: Home of the Brave

This week we will focus on stories of girls who have to move in VALOR  to overcome horrible life circumstances like poverty, medical trauma, bullying, siblings being killed, alcoholic parents and more.

We all call someone who pulls a child out of a burning building courageous. We hear on the news of people putting their lives at risk for someone else. These are certainly courageous acts. But this week we are talking about another kind of courage. The kind that doesn’t look heroic – and yet is.

These are girls whose story shows that they have OVERCOME hardships and adversity in their young lives.

Having a personality that “isn’t afraid of anything” doesn’t make you courageous. Seeking the help you need, reaching out to other people, telling someone your story so that story can make a difference – are acts of courage as well. Taking any step you didn’t think you could take is brave.

One of the outcomes for girls living their lives in an atmosphere of regular stress (divorce, abuse, bullied, a parent dying…) is that it produces feelings of anxiety. That feeling of dread, agitated worry… feeling like ‘something is wrong.’ Anxiety comes when you face situations that are beyond your control and events that are just too hard to deal with.

Anxiety could be described as a feeling of fear, even when real danger is absent. These girls are afraid of something they have a hard time describing. And when you are living with rejection or the reality of your parents’ divorcing, flunking at school or being harassed, overcoming these feelings in your life and facing your fears makes you one courageous woman!

Today, you will meet one of our Lovely leaders, Hope,  who will share her story of overcoming the extreme self-consciousness that comes with being labeled as “learning disabled.” You will find out how she faced her anxiety and fear, and has overcome her label.

5 days until I meet you at the Lovely One Day Experience!

Dr. C.