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Back to school, Lovely Style! #TBT

Heading Back to School?

The Lovely Project’s got your back!

We’ve linked some helpful #TBT articles to get you through it! Whether you started yesterday or start next week, check out these personal stories and advice from TLP mentors. You’ve got this! Let’s make this year great, together!

Ask Aslinn: Back-to-School Survival Guide

August is here and that means that summer is over for students. Here are 5 tips to help you survive another year ofRead More »

‘Back to School’ Must Haves for College Freshmen – Dorm Life

Summer is almost over, high school is history and a new and adventurous life awaits the college freshman, eager to liveRead More »

I had a “learning disability”: How I Ignited My Valor… Hope’s Story

… I overheard the rest of the kids in my class saying how everyone who goes to Mrs. Whitmill’s class isRead More »

Ask Dr. C: How to Make Teacher’s A-list! 10 Secrets to Make Teachers Love You!

Buying your school supplies is the easiest part of going back to school.  Making new friends and reconnecting with oldRead More »

Quote Wall: Be You

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“I’m Not Beautiful”… Kaley’s story

When I was ten years old, my Mom bought me a portrait session with my niece at Glamour Shots. I was so incrediblyRead More »

Ask Dr. C: The Art of Conversation, Part 2: Listening (in 5 Not-So-Easy Steps)

I am sure I’m not the only one who has been in conversation with someone and you had the distinct impressionRead More »

Friend or Frienemy? Which are you?

Do you know what a banshee is? She’s a mythical hag who screams when someone is about to die. Nobody likes her. Don’tRead More »

Ask Aslinn: How to Survive Embarrassing Moments

Dear Aslinn: I’m at an awkward stage in life and I feel like I’m always doing something embarrassing, like tripping,Read More »

10 Tips for completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid- FAFSA

Finding funding to complete a degree can be a taxing endeavor. Forms are long, cumbersome and difficult to understand.Read More »

Mean Girls: Eryn’s Story

When I started school, it seemed as if every girl already had their best friends. I’d walk around the sidewalks staringRead More »

Back to School Makeup: Dos and Don’ts

With the first week of school right underway, I thought it would be the perfect time to share a few dos andRead More »