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Be Adventurous This Summer! 8 Ideas

Hey Lovelies,

This year I made it a goal to have an adventure at least once a month. I have been spelunking (caving), saw snow, went late night kayaking, ate amazing cheesecake at a small dive restaurant, and gleaned fresh blueberries. All of these Adventures have one thing in common. I did them with the Lovely friends I have made through The Lovely Project, and we have many more adventures planned.

So Summer is here and I wanted to share some Ideas for some Summer Adventures that you could plan with other Lovelies:

Drive-in-movie-theater1. See a movie at the drive-in:

I did this as a kid, but this summer I want to go and see one as an adult and the tickets are way cheaper than going to see a movie in a major theater. Here is a website to find the closest one to you.

2. Wind Surfing Lesson:

One thing I love about living in Florida is that you are sooo close to the beach. Wind Surfing is something I will do if not this year, definitely next year. You can also plan other adventures while you are there as well. Explore what the city has to offer, find a local restaurant, or build a sand castle. Just remember to wear your sunscreen.

3. Have a Barbeque:

There is always fun to be had at a Barbeque. You can have one at a park or in your backyard. Planning games like a watermelon, or corn eating contest, watching a movie outside, and finishing the night off by making S’Mores (I like mine with Reese’s instead of plain chocolate) are just some ideas.

woman-watching-sunset4. Watch the Sunset/Star Gazing:

Being surrounded by the beautiful colors of the sunset is one of my most favorite times. Take photos and bring other Lovelies with you and afterward you all can watch the stars come out. You can also make a game of who can find the most star constellations. I recommend bringing bug spray because mosquitoes are everywhere.

5. Go to a park:

Recently I took girls in my Lovely group to a park. We took photos, ate ice-cream, played games and laughed until it was time to go home. I loved spending time with them and made memories that I will remember for ever!

6. Go kayaking or canoeing:

One of my favorite activities is canoeing. I went with a couple of lovely friends one time and we took pictures and sang songs about water. We docked the boats and had a picnic for lunch. This is also a great way to get cardio in while having an adventure.

GLAMPING-SUITE123456789abc7. Go Camping or Glamping:

I have always loved Camping because you can do so much at the campground like Biking, Canoeing, Fishing or Hiking. It also gives you the chance to get away from technology and enjoy the world around you. Recently I went camping with some Lovely girls and we sat around the table and talked about our favorite adventures or things that we have done in the past. We shared our stories and laughed and cried, but if you are not the outdoors type I suggest Glamping. Glamping is Glamorous Camping. If sleeping on the floor in a sleeping bag is not your idea of fun, try Glamping. You can stay in a cabin, motor home, boat house or a beautiful tent like the ones found on this site. 

8. Plan a day trip to a city:

Getting out of your city can be full of adventures. Riding a train to a local town or taking a car full of Lovelies to a city. Mount Dora, Jacksonville, Tampa, St. Augustine, Sarasota, Gainesville, and Savannah are just some of the places I have been. You can find things to do in the cities by looking up events in the local newspapers online.

Lovelies, share what you have planned this summer! I suggest an adventure at least once a month and with at least one other Lovely. And remember it is not about how far you go, but about the memories you will create!

Your Adventurous Lovely,