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Bringing Lovely to Honduras: Caitlyn’s Story

This past summer I had the opportunity to travel almost 3,000 miles from Orlando, Fl to La Ceiba, Honduras to spread The Lovely Project’s message to the beautiful girls in the Hogar de Amor orphanage.

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There are about 20 kids, ranging from ages 3-18, living in Hogar de Amor with half of them being boys and the other half being Lovely girls like us! Some are there because their parents are no longer alive, or have abandoned them, and others are there because their families just don’t have the money to support them. Many have experienced traumatic events like physical and sexual abuses.

Hogar de Amor takes them and cares for them the best they can, but there are still things they need help providing the kids with.Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 8.33.19 AM

Whether it was things like school supplies, shoes, toys, or something else like a fun time playing soccer or going rafting down the river; we wanted to help them in whatever ways we could.

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We got to visit for about a week and went to the orphanage, Hogar de Amor and also got to visit the school they go to which is called The Jungle School. We were able to talk to them, hangout with them, do magic shows, face painting, and make balloon animals. We also got to take a few kids on zip lining and on river rafting adventures.Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 8.32.44 AM

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Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 9.01.48 AMA few lovely ladies and I got to speak with the girls at Hogar de Amor one night and let them know their worth and their beauty. Or at least we tried!

Only 2 out of 6 of us could speak Spanish… There were a lot of hand motions and gesturing involved, like an all-day game of charades with a few “hola’s” and “si’s” mixed in there! It was interesting to say the least! Language is a very small barrier though, because these kids are so starved for affection that the language of “Love” was being spoken loud and clear!

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Despite our language barrier though I fell in love with every single one of the girls I met there. Each one of them was unique and beautiful and so extremely sweet despite their situation or anything they were going through.

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We got to speak to one girl in particular who had gone through an experience that was truly heart wrenching. We took her aside and spoke with her about what had happened and shared with her the message of Value, Voice and Valor, that she had worth! This was not going to define her, and she was going to overcome this. To see her realize this for the first time was one of the greatest things I’ve ever been a part of!

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That trip and the whole experience blew my mind, and the fact that I was one of the few that had the honor of meeting them and talking to them about The Lovely Project’s message is something I will never take for granted.

What can you do?

We have another trip coming in early March and if you want to donate and help be a part of affecting these children’s lives, contact us and we’ll get you in touch with the directors of the team.

You can help in so many ways whether it’s donating money or items like shoes, clothing, or certain essentials like deodorant. You can even sponsor a kid to go on an adventure with us so they can have some fun! we do things like zip lining, river rafting, and even a snorkeling trip with them.

Anything helps and is greatly appreciated!

Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 9.02.56 AM~ Caitlyn