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Childrens’ Christmas Tree

The second that I say that something is off limits, a “No-Touch,” it becomes an instant magnet for my sons. And to make things worse, I add hundreds of stringed lights, lots of ornaments new toys, and display this ‘no-no’ in the middle of room so that it is the center of attention for an entire month. The point of a Christmas tree is, after all,  to attract and mesmerize. Any child would called this entrapment (if they knew what that word means). Christmas should not be holly-jolly mixed with cruel and unusual punishment.

My solution: A Christmas tree of their very own. A tree that mommy is off-limits to. A tree that they can decorate how ever they please. It’s amazing how quickly this removes the bulls-eye from my delicate decorations.

They have a small, 3 foot table tree, that I set on the floor next to mine. For the tree topper, I made a Christmas Count-down. I wrapped a piece of cardboard in winter fabric and, leaving a blank space to change the numbers out, I used fabric paint to write ‘Days till Christmas.’ And I bought a pack of die-cut numbers to change out every day.

The boys are in charge of decorating the tree. I gave them a bag and sent them to the playroom in search of all the toys they want to use to decorate their tree. I saved all the baby teething rings, links and stacking rings. They make for great ornaments. I also donated any of my decorations that are not breakable or edible to their collection. (My 2yr old may be able to count and read, but he still puts everything in his mouth and tries to eat it. #itsaboything)Some days they will decorate and redecorate the tree many times over. Just this morning they had the tree decked out with all the characters from their nativity set. Now they are hanging up the baby rings.Its a complete success at my home. My nosy boys don’t even care about the big tree anymore. They are too busy taking care of their own.

In the spirit of giving, try giving your kids a decoration of their very own this Christmas.