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Coping with the Crappy – What the Heck?

Crap: it happens to us all. Every one of us has had a tough day, rough week and seasons of despair.

Yet in trying times, knowing that our fellow man experiences similar feats doesn’t  change our despondency.  Sometimes it even makes it worse. When we see the terror that is happening in our world: wars, injustice and pure hate, it only adds to our fuel of sorrow. We take on the worries of the world and start asking ourselves, or maybe even God,

“What the heck?”

This is the question I’ve been asking for several weeks, one I asked myself once again when I saw the reports of Robin William’s passing. 


As I mourned his death, while browsing the media, many of the articles noted Williams had experienced trials and “fought personal demons,” a fight none of us are immune to.  His tragic death only emphasizes, we all (rich, poor, famous and homeless) experience trials in this life. As alone as we may feel in those trying times, we are not alone; statistics prove it.

I used to think it wasn’t okay to say “I’m not okay,” that’s a big, fat lie. I used to think I had to always have it all together and if I spoke about areas where I wasn’t satisfied in life I was being ungrateful, another lie. Don’t get me wrong, being hopeful and positive is always the right attitude but pretending everything is dandy, when they are not, is a formula for disaster.

Not every season of life is filled with non-stop joy and happiness. Some days, some weeks, some seasons in life plain ol’ suck.

If you’re going through a sucky season I’m here to tell you, this too shall pass. It’s only temporary. If you’re reading this thinking “my life is great right now,” I’m here to tell you, that too shall pass. The fact is, life is a cycle. It comes and goes in waves. The key to coping with the crappy is finding our joy in the things that don’t change.

“Hold on to what you believed in the light, when the darkness has robbed you of all your sight.”-Mumford & Sons

What’s that thing for you? Whatever it is, cling to it. In those moments of darkness remember those things that don’t change with the seasons, like the folks that love you, the memories of better times, the hope of a brighter future.  Make a list of everyone who would say something nice about you and what they would say. Spend time with those people, don’t isolate yourself. If Robin Williams made a list of the people who have nice things about him, by the outpouring of love since his passing, I suspect that list is much longer that he could have imagined. The same is likely true for you.  If you need help, tell someone and seek counsel.  Reminisce and appreciate the seasons that have passed; the ones you thought you’d never make it through and the ones that fill your heart to the brim with nostalgia.

Remember there is always tomorrow, a new season awaits. Purposefully connect with positive feelings, in times of anguish – it won’t come naturally.

For me, my faith is what keeps me going. I hold on to what I believe and it’s a constant reminder that no matter what life throws my way, I can deal. I can emerge from the rumble, pull it together and breathe, knowing that everything will work out for the best. I’m gonna trod through life’s storms, knowing sunny days will come again. If you’re in a rough season, I encourage you, keep on keeping on!

You are not alone, don’t give up now, your “greater” is on it’s way…

Suzanna – Suzanna