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Cramming for Christmas- Last Minute Ideas

Christmas is only a few days away! AHHHH!

I had all my presents purchased by December 3rd! I have babysitting already lined up for every Christmas event and dinner we have scheduled! And I have the Kids Christmas Tree up. I was waiting to decorate until after the Superhero Birthday party we had for my son and nephew. But then I started thinking, “No one has to know that I never got around to decorating this year?”

My great plan fell apart over one text informing me that this years family Christmas party will be at my my house.  Ahhh! Yay! So I AM decorating for Christmas! And must do so in record time!

I have put together a list of easy and quick projects (as well as projects to avoid) to help you cram, in case you’re in the same boat with me!

Easy Projects:

1. My favorite quick project is the stick star.

You will need rubber bands and sticks.

Collect 5 sticks, close in length and thickness.

connect the sticks together to form the star shape.


You can place them on your mantle, hang them on your wall, add them to your shelf or display them on top of your kitchen cabinets… the possibilities are endless.

2. Free printables in frames you already have up.

Its free, and you don’t have to go buy anything. Here are a few I found that are cute and made available in different sizes!


2b. Out of ink? Take pages from a Christmas book and frame them.

My boys thought it was so cool to see a book on the wall.

(Yes, I also wrapped some of my frames to look like presents on the wall.)

3. A Toasty Warm Fireplace

For those who don’t have a fireplace or its too hot to make a fire, Netflix offers a Fireplace For Your Home!  Add to your instant queue. It can be played with or without Christmas instrumental music and of course comes complete with the crackling of the fire.

4. No sew pillows.

Last year after Christmas I purchased a holiday sheet set for $5. I followed this truly easy tutorial from Organize Your Stuff Now and it took about 30 minutes to complete 4 pillows. All you need is scissors!


In my (time consuming) search to provide some awesome corner-cutting, time saving tips, I found that it boils down to some not-so-fun tips.

Consider eating these vegetables of tips:

1. Stay away from Pinterest. This can free up one or more hours per day that you can then spend actually decorating. At the very least, first put up all the decorations you have then Pin away!

2. No new projects! These are the time guzzlers. Researching ideas (scanning Pinterest for hours), the trip to the store to purchase all the items needed, and then the project itself. Stick to what you did last year. You know where to put the lights and garland.

3. Don’t add to the list of errands replacing the stringed lights that became casualties of your garage-turned-oven from the summer heat. Use what you have. Not every door and window needs garland AND lights.

As I finish this list of tips, it seems more like a list of rules from Scrooge himself. If this is a load of coal to you, please disregard and refer back to my list of easy projects.

I am not trying to crush the joy and inspiration that Christmas brings. I guess what this list really is, is permission to not have to top your mad Christmas skills from last year. Its OK if your mantel looks the same as last year. Its OK if you don’t decorate outside. Its OK if you only or don’t put up the tree. You have the proverbial blessing to not have to create a Pinterest perfect wonderland.

Have a lovely Christmas!