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How to Decorate for Fall on a Budget

Happy first day of fall, Lovelies!


I love decorating! If I wasn’t a teacher, I definitely think I would have been a interior decorator. I love switching up decorations around the house. For me, changing it up keeps the house feeling fresh and new. I love adding in a few elements to one space. This brings in the different seasons without breaking the bank.

Like most people, I love a good bargain. I’ve never used a coupon I didn’t like. I have an amazing fireplace in my house and it’s very much the focal point when you walk in. I went to Hobby Lobby on a mission to pick up a few items that would change up the fireplace for fall, without feeling like I had to decorate the whole house.


Here is how my fireplace looks throughout the year.



Here’s the fireplace after my trip to Hobby Lobby.



An easy way to add in fall colors is by adding  flowers or plants that have warm colors to them. I already had vases that have gray willow bush plants, so I added in an orange plant. The contrast of burnt orange and gray bring a warmer tone to the room. I also love a good banner, and what doesn’t say “fall” like burlap. By adding in a rustic pumpkin and a super cute turkey, my fall look is complete!




Tips for decorating on a budget:


  • Use coupons: Many stores have aps that offer online coupons. I went to Hobby Lobby and took advantage of their 40% off online coupon.


  • Find the sales: Fall is a great season to shop for. Most stores always have great deals, because by the end of September they already have their Christmas decor out.


  • Change up one area: You don’t have to decorate your entire house. You can bring fall to your house by only changing one area. I decorated my area for less than $30.  


How do you decorate for fall? Let me know in the comments!