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DIY CLOUD pillow!



Pillows are a big deal in my house.  A really BIG deal.  They aren’t just for sleeping when you have littles running around.  These magical little square poofs of goodness are also landing pads for diving off the couch, sitting mats for all the hours spent on hardwood floor with cars, decoration (those ones are actually used mostly for jelly fingers, and sometimes marker art), and most importantly they are used as part of imaginative play (forts and barricades, hooray!).  All these new purposes for pillows are fortunate considering I traded in my sleep to keep track of these little adventurers 6 years ago.

While searching for whimsical additions for my little girl’s new BIG girl room I happened across some beautiful cloud pillows.  I figured I would try my hand at making them to customize them to her decor (read: they were really expensive).  I mean, they are clouds!  How FUN would that be to add to the mix of boring ol’ square pillows?  With some trial and error I found some good tips to pass along.

These particular pillows in this tutorial are for a nautical themed BABY SHOWER.  I love making little things that can have multiple purposes!  I have newborn picture ideas dancing around in my head already!  A pillow that says “sweet dreams” or “dream big little one”? Oh, the possibilities!


What you’ll need:

sewing machine

2 fabric pieces–the same or varying pattern, sized how ever big you want your cloud

pencil/fabric marker

fabric paint

paint brush

stencil of choosing

polyester fiber fill


Step 1:

Making your cloud template is the most challenging part.  It is helpful to draw it out on paper first so you can edit how the curves will look.

TIP:  make sure the cloud curves are shallow and a bit wide. Making the curves long and narrow will make it end up looking more like a hand than a cloud after it is sewed. The red stripe fabric cutout is a better representation of a good cloud template.

DSC_1271           DSC_1295

Step 2: 

Draw, print, or cut out your design (if you have a fancy vinyl cutter).  Putting your design on white or thinfabric works well since it will be stuffed and you will not be able to see any pattern from the other fabric.  This way you can trace your design without having to make a stencil.

Lay your design under the fabric and paint it directly onto your cloud, or place a stencil on top.  I ended up using some clipart to make my sailboat and just printed out the words.  I used red fabric paint, which is pretty inexpensive at the craft store.  Let it dry before sewing the two pieces together.

DSC_1272           DSC_1276

Step 3:

Place your fabric pieces front to front so it’s inside out and sew around the edges of the pillow.  Allow for about 4 inches at the bottom (as shown with the blue/red tape) for stuffing after your turn it right side out.


TIP: The inner elbows of your cloud will need to be snipped.  The first picture below shows a corner that was not snipped, and the third shows the difference of that one little snip made on the inside (second picture).

DSC_1281       DSC_1282       DSC_1283

Step 4:

After it is sewed you can stuff it with your basic doll/pillow polyester fiber fill.  Make it as fluffy as you want!  Whip stitch your opening to close it up, and you are DONE!


 TA DA!!!  That’s it!


DSC_1294     DSC_1286

Happy DREAMING!  Or in our case, playing!