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DIY: Easy Christmas Canvas Art Decor Project

The fever has hit! The holidays are here, full swing. And if you are like me, they probably crept up on you! It’s time to cram about 6 months worth of planning, fun, chaos, and tradition into 25 days! Ready, set, go…

When I get into this situation, I tend to think “How can I make a big impact, with little budget, time, or effort?”

I have a crazy-easy, fun, and quick decor project that will actually cover all three of the above criteria.

Buying canvases, or canvas board from your local craft store is pretty cheap, and they can cover a large area, thus making a big impact! You will be using art from a illustrated children’s book, so you don’t have to be a Picasso to do this! Trust me, you’ll be thinking “Why didn’t I think of that?”


Materials you will need:
1. Canvas or Canvas board any size you would like.
2. A children’s christmas book with large, colorful illustrations that you won’t mind cutting up.
3. Modge-podge or other adhesive.
4. Sponge paint brush
5. Exacto knife, or scissors
6. Cellphone camera, or other camera


Step 1. Pick up a Christmas book with colorful illustrations that you love. This can be from the Goodwill, your favorite bookstore, or your own bookshelf. You will be cutting this book up, so make sure no one will mourn the loss…
The great thing about canvas art is, you can cover it with whatever floats your boat. If you are in a vintage mood, you can use vintage art. If you love antique-y looks, that’s perfectly fine, too. If your kids are currently into “Charlie Brown Christmas,” “the Grinch,” or “Arthur Christmas,” it doesn’t matter. Go with it! You can trash it after this year, and do a different one next year!
For my project, I chose a vintage book I had picked up from the Goodwill that I had never heard of called “The Christmas Whale.” It has awesome colors, and is really beautiful in a 1950’s kind-of way, and fit the design I wanted to go with this year for my mix of kid and adult friendly mantle.


Step 2. With your Exacto knife, cut the pages out that you love. You probably won’t need all of them, so be choosy as to which ones will make the cut… get it? make the cut… ok, sorry…

Step 3. Before anything else, take your pages and lay them on your canvas until you are happy with the layout. Then take a snapshot of it on your phone, because you will need to refer back to it as you are creating your masterpiece.

Step 4. Grab your Modge-Podge and start laying it on. Paint the adhesive onto the back of the pages, and carefully lay them onto your canvas- take care to smooth air bubbles out as you go. DO NOT apply the modge-podge to the front of your art until the MP that was applied to the back is fully dried. About 20 mins, at least.

Step 5. Once Dry, apply a layer of Modge-Podge over the top of your piece.

Step 6. Hang your art wherever you want, and wait for the compliments to come rolling in!

If you give this project a try, take a quick pic of it, and share it on our Facebook Page… we would love to see it!