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DIY Fall Decor | A Beautiful, Easy-To-Make Wreath Alternative You’ll Love



As a Pacific Northwesterner, born and raised, we get especially giddy when September hits.  Suddenly the air is crisp, the smell of chimney fire fills the air, sweaters break out of their summer slumber, and hayrides are on the horizon.  When we moved to Florida four years ago, I noticed September felt different.  The mercury was still topping out in the 100s, tank tops and swimsuits were everyday attire, and crisp air was only felt under the AC vents!

But I’m a Fall enthusiast, so it became tradition that once a certain coffee company declares pumpkin spice is here, I’m pulling out the Fall decor!

The first place to get seasonal change attention is always the porch for me.  Recently a friend of mine picked up a sign that said “it’s fall, y’all!” and it just made me happy.  That’s something we don’t see up in the mountains where I come from!  I get to embrace the ensuing Fall season AND a little southern twang!  I decided to use the saying to match my decor using materials I had on hand.

I alternate fabric in my front door embroidery hoop to easily keep up with the changing seasons.  A little inspiration and paint can go a long way.  Without further adieu, here’s what you do!

Fall Yall materials 1


  • Oval Embroidery Hoop – any size but the bigger the better here in the South!
  • Neutral Fabric, mine is actually a painter’s drop cloth from the hardware store
  • Green, yellow, orange, and black paint
  • Small and medium paint brushes
  • Pencil
  • Glue-gun
  • Ribbon of your choosing, mine is a burlap ribbon
  • A large piece of paper (or anything you can make a template out of for the inner oval)
  • Optional (but highly recommended):  Pumpkin Spice Coffee…for drinking, of course

 You can paint your hoop, or leave it raw wood, either way looks good.  I chose to make mine yellow – It makes my yellow mums (flowers) POP!


3rd pic Stencil - Fall Yall

Make a template for the inner oval.  I traced part the big frame and then cut the inner oval a few inches away from the frame.  I use it as a rough guide, and flip to use for both sides so it looks symmetrical.  You can eyeball it if you have mad skills, no need for perfection.


Inner Oval green paint Fall YLightly trace your oval onto your fabric using your template.  I leave an inch or so open at dead center on the top and both sides.  Then paint your oval with the green paint.


Inner Oval Leaves 2 Fall Y

FAll Yall Leaves 3





You can be methodical and use a guide to make your leaves all the same, but I like to keep it interesting, and less time consuming, so I just start painting the leaves.  I try to keep the leaves consistent by keeping the number of leaves the same on all four sides.

5.Leaves Red Green  Fall Y

Once you have all your leaves roughly painted in green, you are ready to start adding colors.  I close to just simply outline the inside of the green leaves by alternating red and yellow and didn’t make it a pattern.

Leaves Yellow Red Green Fall Yall

Specialize it the way you like it!I started with red, and moved onto yellow, leaving some just green.


Now for the letters!  Grab that pencil again and lightly write the saying.  I was once told that if this is a personal piece (including scrap booking, and recipes), you SHOULD use your handwriting.  It’s what makes it special.  We love our grandma’s recipe book because it has her perfect scribe in it, not because of the type.  BUT, if you want block letters or have a Silhouette machine, that would look amazing, too.  Go with what’s you.  Who knows, this may be one of those memory pieces your kids will pass down!


I started by painting the saying with black paint.  You will have to go over it a few times since the fabric will soak up your paint in a hurry.


*TIP: If you want to make your own handwriting more special, you can make it more like calligraphy by extending the lines on your DOWNWARD strokes.  Above you can see how I went back over the down strokes.  Then just fill in the gaps!

8.  The paint doesn’t take long to dry and by this time my baby’s nap time is almost over, so it’s time to put on some ribbon and put this guy on the door!

9.Fall Y

Plug in your glue gun. While it’s heating, make your bow.  For this particular hanger I used about 8 feet (yes, 8!) of my burlap ribbon.  Tie a bow in the middle.

Glue each side of your ribbon down to the top of the oval (about 5 or so inches from the middle), with the bow about 6-8 inches from the top (as seen above).  Then flip the ribbon so it lays down in front of the oval, and glue it down. Don’t forget to cut out the triangle out at the tips of your ribbon to make it fancy! OR…just glue down a ribbon (shoelace, extra string, or whatever else you may have to the back of the frame) to hang it.


10.Fall Y

And just like that’s it’s FALL, Y’ALL!

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Mollie lives with her husband & two kids in the Dallas, Texas area. She’s a Clinical Social Worker by profession & a stay at home mom by passion. Her passions range from Human Rights advocacy to chalkboard paint. She doesn’t go longer than a day without chocolate & doesn’t like talking on the phone. Find her DIY doings at You Are My Happy.