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Flashback Friday: DIY- Fall Decor: Make it an Experience for the Whole Family

A Note from the Editor:

Hey all, in the last few weeks, we have seen a HUGE amount of traffic to this article that we posted last year when we were in our infancy. I know so many of you are loyal, regular readers- but many of you are new and probably never saw this. So, I thought Joy’s post on DIY Fall Decor (Family Style) was perfect for Flashback Friday here on the blog! Show her some love by “liking”, commenting, pinning etc. 🙂 Enjoy!

Fall Decor DIY 0912

The leaves where we live will eventually fall, but our trees stay green almost year-round! The heat won’t surrender till early December.  We in Florida rely heavily on our decorations as seasonal indicators.

Here are a few strategies I use whenever I have to “get creative” to decorate for the holidays: whether we are financially challenged (who isn’t these days?), seasonally challenged (florida), or even time-challenged (2 small boys who want my attention, constantly)!

1. Shop at home first. I take a walk through my house and collect things that can be refreshed into a fall item. Things that have rich texture, and warm fall colors. I refreshed my leg warmers (super trendy last year) and made them into vase warmers! A huge plus (in addition to being FREE!) is that I don’t have to organize or store any of it. I simply put it back . I collected a few vases, wooden trays, picture frames, hand towels…
2. Make it Sentimental and Nostalgic. Last year my mom and I took my two boys up to North Carolina to visit my Grandpa. It was in October and leaves were changing colors. If you are a Floridian, then you appreciate how spectacular this trip was. More so, my sons got to spend time with their Great Grandpa-pa. We also took them to a pumpkin patch and let them pick out pumpkins to bring back to their cousins along with rocks (because that is what boys do).

3. Budget. I don’t like to spend $$ on things I only see a few weeks out of the year. I bought this wreath for $1.85 last year after Thanksgiving. I added a few scented pinecones and a little sign on the back since we have a windowed door.

4. Shop if you still feel the need. Although Florida never looks or feels like Fall, I can make it SMELL like Fall! So I bought pumpkin candles and a package of cinnamon scented pine cones. I also picked up a faux carvable pumpkin and gourds and the fabric fall leaves (for the boys to play with). That is all I purchased. Total: Just under $20 for decorations and fun times with my boys.

5. Decorating = Creating Memories. My favorite holiday memories have always been decorating with my family. Make it a priority to include your kids in the process. The last thing I want is for my kids to see the holidays as a season of hand slapping and no touching! So I try to make a few decorations that are just for them. I framed a napkin to create dry-erase board. Every morning we write on it what we are thankful for. I also picked up two packages of fabric fall leaves for the boys to play with. I hide the leaves for the boys to find. Liam also loves to practice counting them over and over again.

6. Put it all together.
The only tool I used in this project was a glue gun! Anyone can do this.

Fall Decor 0912

I would love to hear what household items you find and how you involve your family in your Lovely Fall Decorations.