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DIY Water color EASTER EGG decor!

2Easter is such a fun time of year.  It’s a time to reflect on what the season means, be thankful for the life we were given, and hopefully give back a little more (since the sunshine sure helps bring the smiles out of folks!).  But also, it’s a time we can decorate with pastels, pinks, and bunnies– all in name of the season!

Eggs and bunnies are go-tos for any Easter holiday decor.  My first instinct is to figure out how to utilize my quilt hoops, and it didn’t take long to see that it already looks like an egg!  It’s an easy template for kids and adults alike, plus it’s never a budget buster (so mess ups aren’t going to set you back in time or money). Plus, you can reuse them for different purposes, every holiday, and with a variety of mediums.

Water color EASTER EGGS!



Quilt hoop (they are oval-you can find them for cheap online at joanns/walmart)
Fabric-think and neutral (I use my handy paint drop cloth, it’s a sturdy canvas)
White acrylic paint
Water colors of your liking (the bolder the better)
Paint brushes

Step 1:


Put your fabric in your quilt hoop.  Make sure the fabric is tight, and the hoop is securely   fastened. Trim excess fabric. Using white acrylic paint, paint zig zags, dots, lines, and whatever else you like to embellish your egg.  Let it dry for a bit.

Step 2:


Once the white paint has had a chance to dry, wet down the entire fabric with water.  I lightly rinsed mine under the spray nozzle at my sink, a squirt bottle would come in handy if you had one.  It shouldn’t be dripping, but more than damp.


Take your water colors and fill in the remaining fabric.  With it being wet the paint will spread easily, and the white paint will prevent the colors from running past that point.  I painted some on the white, it isn’t a perfect resistance paint method, but works well for this.

IF you were looking for a fabric resistance, you can use elmer’s glue, then paint it (over it and everything), and then wash in the wash machine.  I think white paint works rather well for the outcome, though!

I didn’t wait for my paint to dry on this one, and the white rubbed out some, still worked out!


The bolder the better.  Once it dries it becomes more pastel, for my particular fabric anyway.

Here’s the egg all dried!  The two eggs that aren’t painted with white I had my kids do.  I used watered down poster paint, and they embellished with glitter glue.  They enjoyed watching the colors bleed together, and the clean up wasn’t a beating on me either!


We did this during spring break.  We had a few projects going on at the same time, hence the respirator at the end of the bar (I like to paint, and stain!).  Oh, and spiderman bubbles are a must too. 

Fun mom hack: use an old muffin tin, spray paint the inside to prevent rusting, and use it for paint!  It’s come in handy for paint projects, and sorting activities too.  

That’s about it!  HAPPY EASTER!!!  Hoppy PAINTING!

~ Mollie