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Dr. C’s Blog: “Let’s Hear About Your Mom” Week

At the Lovely Project we love moms!


In fact, many of us are, or will be, mothers. And we believe that motherhood is an honorable vocation.

A mother can be the woman who gave birth to you or she can be the woman who nurtured you and taught you how to navigate through life.

My own mother was spunky. She taught me many things about living an exciting life. She taught me quirky things like how to cook squirrel in my stew. Imagine my surprise when I saw on an episode of Duck Dynasty, Miss Kay Robertson, showing us all how to cook squirrel! It made me homesick. She also taught me valuable things about home management, like how to plant a garden and preserve the vegetables we grew. She was one of those women who knew how to “stretch” the money to go further. I could have learned so much more from her if my own attitude had been open. When you’re young, there comes a time when you believe you’ve learned all you can from your parents. I was wrong. She had much more to impart to me had I been receptive and wise enough to ask and listen.

I’ve also had other “mothers” who spoke into my life. Women, teaching other women, how to be all that we were meant to be. Motherhood is a special time in life. It’s an honored position. If mothers are bullied into believing their role isn’t important or needed, it’s the children who will suffer and be the poorer for it. Society, too, will reflect what we beliefs we hold about motherhood.

This week we are celebrating moms. We want to hear your voice. If you have a story to share or just a comment, let us know.

Motherhood is lovely,

Dr. C