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Dr. C’s Blog: Nigerian Girls Need our Noise #bringbackourgirls

Hello Lovelies,

On May 14, 2014, according to a Nigerian official, 300 girls were forcibly taken from their school in remote northeast Nigeria. (pictured below is the mother of one of the missing girls.)

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Hundreds of armed militants, riding in trucks and on motorcycles, herded the girls onto the trucks and sped away. These girls are between the ages of 15 – 18. 50 of those girls managed to escape. The trauma these girls have endured can only be imagined. The horrors that still await them, if they are not rescued, are unimaginable. Some of these girls have already been sold off to their kidnappers and forced to recant their faith and convert to Islam. The remainder of the girls will likely be sold as sex slaves to the highest bidder or victims of forced marriages (tantamount to being sold as a sex slave).


Who is the group that has assumed responsibility with much arrogant pride? A militant, Islamic group, boko haram. Their name is translated to mean “Western education is sinful.” This group is funded by criminal activity, such as bank robbery, extortion and ransom from kidnappings.

Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan needs to use wisdom, boldness and courage to rescue those who have no voice in his country. I only hope his name “good luck” is not an indication as to what is going to be done about this atrocity.

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Lovely voices need to be raised in support of our Nigerian sisters. What you do may be minuscule or mighty – but your voice needs to be heard.

What can you do?

1. Start a discussion with your friends, family and AT SCHOOL. These acts of violence against school children or sexual slavery for those who are too weak to protect or defend themselves are not okay.

2. Educate yourselves about how to prevent sex trafficking in Orlando. It’s easier to prevent abuse and trafficking, than to rescue once it has occurred.

3. Support an organization that is committed and devoted to this 21st century blight.

> Our Lovely contributor, Crystal Brunton, is one of the Florida Representatives for International Justice Mission.(

> International Justice Mission ( is an organization known for its daring rescues of young boys and girls in the sex slave industry. They are passionate about stopping the plague of slavery, rape and trafficked children in this country and around the world.

> Born to Fly International, Inc ( educates children, teens and their parents about the dangers of child trafficking through a 6 week community campaign. This organization exists to create awareness of trafficking.

>Check out an article on Diana Scimone’s blog ( entitled “The Audacity to traffic 300 schoolgirls”.

Make some Lovely noise. Make your voice heard.

Dr. C.

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