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Drop the Ball: 12 days of 2012

Funny how so much can change in 365 days. Let’s recap, shall we?

The London Olympics…
Rover lands on Mars…
Sandy the Superstorm…
Barak Obama was re-elected…
The world didn’t end…
Oh yeah, and
the launch of The Lovely Project weblog!

2012 was an Inaugural year for us at TLP.

Although we officially went live in October, months (even years) of work had gone into it before we ever brought our best to you, online!

Since we are technically still smack-dab in the middle of the 12 days of   Christmas, (began on Tuesday, December 25 and ends on Saturday, January 5) we have put together a RECAP of 2012 on The Lovely Project – 12 Days of Christmas-Style.

In the First year of TLP, Lovely gave to me:

12 “Ask Dr. Crystal”(s)

11 Lovely Kitchen’s

10 Quotes on Quote Wall

Lovely You’s

“Lovely Family”(s)

Lovely Home’s

Lovelygram Parties


Beauty Tips

Give Aways

Thankful trees!

and a website perfect for me!!!

Please enjoy some of these articles you may have missed this week- while we prepare an amazing 2013 for you!

January is our “Becoming Lovely” month, leading up to our amazing Lovely Project One Day Experience. And we can’t wait to bring it to you! Make sure you join us!

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So, here’s to new beginnings, goals, dreams, resolutions, and do-over’s.

We can’t wait for 2013!!!

See you back here soon!

– Freedom