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Eat Your Way Through NYC! My favorite places to eat in the Big Apple.

For the last few years, I’ve had the privilege of traveling to New York City for work three times a year (for about a week each time).

These trips are definitely extremely work-heavy and not once have we found a free moment to go shopping or sight seeing, but I’m totally ok with that. The most important thing to me about traveling to new cities is making sure I’m eating the best food I possibly can. Since we work all day, the only time to experience New York is at dinner time!

Over the last few years we’ve really found a few gems that we hold on tightly to, and try to visit each time we go. So in light of summer being just around the corner (which means vacation!) if any of you lovelies find yourself in New York, please do me a huge favor and go to at least one of the places I’m recommending below. ** Please note, almost all of these restaurants are busy all the time, don’t be discouraged. Just wait! It’ll be so worth it.
New York
I’ve listed these in order of favorites, but this was really tough for me to do – I love them all:

Cuisine: American Gastropub
Atmosphere: It’s definitely a hipster pub atmosphere and when you’re in here, no matter how cool you are, you will definitely become aware that you are NOT a New Yorker.
What to order: Lamb Burger
Oh my goodness, my mouth is watering just thinking about this. I am NOT the biggest fan of lamb, but this is the best burger I’ve ever had. It’s served on a delicious bun with chipotle mayo (served on the side so you can dip your freshly made fries in it as well) with feta cheese, and red onion. It’s unreal.
2. Ippudo 
Cuisine: Japanese Noodle Bar
Atmosphere: My husband was born in Japan and so I’ve heard him raving about authentic ramen for the last few years. From my experience, this is the most legitimate ramen I have ever had. When you are seated and walk into the dining area, everyone yells something at you in Japanese. I have no clue what it means but you feel like you’re wanted!
What to order: For an appetizer, you’ve gotta get the hirata buns – the pork was my favorite. I can’t really describe this to you – essentially you are getting the most amazing pork you’ll ever taste on this super airy folded rice square with a delicious mayonnaise sauce and shredded cabbage and mushrooms. Believe you me, you’ll freak out and want more. For your entree, you’ve gotta get ramen! It’s amazing – add a poached egg to it. Much better than the 10 cent packs of ramen I use to eat after school…
Cuisine: Mexican
Atmosphere: So much fun! This place is loud and packed. If you go in the winter the wait is miserable because you can’t (don’t want to) stand outside while you wait for a table, but I’ve done this several times. There is a big old VW Van in the restaurant where the tacos are being made and you can sip on a fun mexican soda or sangria while you wait.
What to Order: My personal favorite is the fish tacos. You order by individual taco so it’s easy to get a variety. A little tip: the tortillas are tiny – about 4 inches in diameter – and they come LOADED. I didn’t realize this the first time I went here, but they give you two tortillas for each taco you order, so you can split it up and it’s a little more manageable to eat. Their corn is very delicious too, so I’d get a cup of that to share.
Cuisine: Chinese
Atmosphere: This place is wild. It is packed but they know what they’re doing and turn tables extremely quick. Don’t come here if you want a relaxed dinner – come here if you want authentic chinese food and very fast service with massive portions. There is limited booth space, so if you want the true experience, sit wherever they put you, which very well may be at a table with several other people.
What to Order: I’ve had a ton of stuff from here and everything is good. But make sure you get an order of the tiny buns (with the meat of your choice – I prefer the pork). If you’ve never had these before, watch the other people eat them – you have to bite the top off and let the steam come out – don’t stick the whole thing in your mouth or you’ll regret it!
Cuisine: American / Fast Food
Atmosphere: This is a great place to grab lunch or dinner. There are multiple locations but one is very close to the flat iron building and there is a bunch of outdoor seating in a beautiful park. The line is long but it moves quickly.
What to Order: It’s in the name – they’re known for their shakes – and I’ve actually never had one. I have, however, had the “concrete jungle”. I don’t remember what it is exactly, but I remember it being delicious. For food, I always get the SmokeShack and split an order of cheese fries with my friend. The smokeshack has an amazing relish on it that’s quite spicy – so get something else if you don’t want your mouth on fire (in the best way).
Obviously, there are a million other places in New York that you can eat at and you will thoroughly enjoy yourself, but all of these I have gone to on more than one occasion and have always been more than satisfied and left wishing I had 3 more stomach’s so I could keep eating that delicious food.

Happy summer!!!