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Exploring Orlando #LovelyLocalAdventure



I love to travel.  If I could somehow get paid to see new places, go on various adventures and experience the world every single day I would be the happiest gal in the world.  Sadly, I have not yet figured out how to do this, and as of right now the majority of my travels have required me to pay.  Plane tickets aren’t cheap my friends.

I used to think the only way I could truly experience the world, and these various adventures was by leaving Orlando. I had this jaded mentality that the city I was born and raised in had nothing new to offer me. A #staycation was not my idea of adventure. Seriously, 66 million people came to Orlando last year as a travel destination, yet I thought Orlando had nothing fun to offer me.

And I get it; the majority of these 66 million people are coming to see Disney, Universal Studios and the rest of the Theme Parks. And don’t get me wrong; I love Mickey Mouse and the Theme Parks. I have so much fun every time I go, but they’re almost as expensive as plane tickets, and places I cannot frequently venture to.

Thankfully my jaded mentality disappeared, and I discovered Orlando has so much more to offer than theme parks. Like seriously, Orlando is such a cool and trendy city, and I am beyond blessed to call it home.

With this new mentality, I want to experience all of what the City Beautiful has to offer. And as a bonus, I don’t have to travel very far and I can take my friends along with me.

So recently, I gathered up some Lovely Friends and we went on a #locallovelyadventure through Downtown Orlando.



Even though I live less than three miles from Lake Eola, I have never been on the Swan Boats. Crazy, I know. I finally changed this on our first, of many, Local Adventures.  And to make it more fun, my friends and I dressed like Tacky Tourists. We even rocked socks with sandals.



We each hit up thrift shops, or raided our parent’s closets (Thanks Dad for the Hawaiian shirt ☺) We got tons of crazy stares and looked completely ridiculous while walking through Downtown, but it was worth it. We took really silly pictures, and laughed non-stop. It was so much fun living life and experiencing something new alongside dear friends in the city I call home.





So Lovelies, dress like tacky tourists.  Be completely ridiculous alongside your friends. Make memories that will last a lifetime. Have fun! Experience the world and all it has to offer.  It doesn’t require a plane ticket or a fancy vacation, all you need to do is walk in your own backyard and discover the hidden treasures within your city.  Trust me, there are way more fun things in your hometown than you can imagine!




And sweet friends, when you go on your own Local Adventure (dressed up as Tacky Tourists I hope) use the handle #locallovelyadventure.  I want to see the adventures you discover in your own backyard.  Maybe one day, when I figure out how to make money traveling, I will come and see the incredible things your city has to offer.  If you’re from Orlando, comment below with your favorite hidden treasures within the City Beautiful!

Lots of Love,