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Freedom Forever: 3 Fun Activities To Enjoy Summer Before Starting College

As you get closer to entering the collegiate arena, you have one last summer before your life changes. Once you’ve left home, you’ll come back with new knowledge and new perspectives from all your experiences. Before you move forward, though, you can spend summer break finishing things you won’t have time for once school starts. Have some fun this final summertime before college with the following activities.

Take A Road Trip

Pack your bags and gather your buddies for a long car ride before hunkering down in a dorm room. Besides this possibly being the last time for everyone to be together, it’s a chance to see new horizons while your responsibilities aren’t heavy. A ready vehicle is the first step, so be sure your car is primed and ready. This may include taking it to the dealer, like Young Automotive Group, for any necessary inspections and tune-ups. Also be sure to include any emergency contacts, funds, and materials so your summer can be stress-free the whole way. The trip is a large part of the fun, and depending on where you end up, this vacation could be one of your most exciting.

Finish A Creative Project

You won’t have as much time for one once you’re neck deep in study materials, so why not spend some time completing a pet project before then? Write that story, paint that art piece, knit that sweater—whatever your passion is, now’s a great time to indulge it. You can bring it along once school starts, and depending on what you make, your project can serve as a little reminder of home.

Explore Your Hometown

If you aren’t heading to a new location for college, you still might not have the time to revisit your old stomping grounds at home. Check out your favorite spots and discover ones you don’t know. You can take a little time to get to know your town, too, through historical sites and popular hangouts. Don’t forget your friends and family! They’ll enjoy the adventure with you, and you’ll all be able to look back on your time together as happy memories.

Even with applications and preparations out of the way, there’s a lot you can do before college courses commence. Take the opportunity to spend it enjoying yourself, because you won’t get the time back. College is no small matter, and you don’t want to begin with regrets. This is your last high school hurrah, so savor the summer before it’s gone.








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