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To the Girl With the Broken Dreams


“If you are alive, you can dream.” ~Peter Brunton


We’ve all had dreams, both big and small. Some of those we have acted on, others have continued a culmination in the back of our minds. As the New Year begins, so do the resolutions. But what about those of us who’ve had dreams that just didn’t turn out as we’d hoped?

Today, I want to talk to those with the broken dreams. Or the dreams you never wished to have.

We’ve all experienced them in some way.

The boy who broke your heart. The sickness you never wanted. The broken family you come from.

It happens. But that doesn’t mean we wanted it.

Last year, I discovered a knee injury. Not long after, I was told that I needed to fight auto immune markers in my blood. So started the regimen of supplements and diet changes.

And there are sometimes I’m just so tired of it all. That I just want to give up.

Sometimes we end up with dreams we never wanted.  I can say, I never wanted any of this. My dreams used to be of dance. Over splits. Walk overs. Aerials.  As I neared these goals, I discovered the injury. My goal changed to just wanting to be normal. A dancer with normal flexibility. A normal girl with the ability to walk without limp. To not look like the dorky senior in high school who needed to use a rolling backpack.  A girl who could go out to eat with friends and eat whatever they are eating.

I was on the point of tears as I realized how much my dreams had fallen. That all I wanted was normalcy. But the best part was yet to come.

The fact is that bad things happen. But, the thing is that we learn from it and even better, we pass that lesson on to others. I can give a story of perseverance. And so can you.


YOU have a story.


Even more urgent, someone NEEDS your story.

Are you up to the challenge that you have been called to?

I know, I know. Sounds easier than it really is. I’ve had heartbreak. And there’s only so much that Shawn Mendes, Taylor Swift, and Ed Sheeran can do to heal it. I’ve felt rejection from friends. I understand what it feels like to be misunderstood. Labeled. Insecure. No, my parents didn’t get a divorce. But I’ve seen it first hand in the lives of so many friends. And so let me tell you, it can only break you if you let it. But I have seen so many where they have come out stronger. Confident. They have a story. A testimony.

So do you believe me? There is good that can come from your situation, even if that is just that you can share your experience with someone else. They learn from your mistakes. They learn to persevere and conquer.

Stories have power.

You have a story all your own.

Someone needs your story.

So share it with the world.



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