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“He Said” – Gifts Guys Would Really Want for Valentine’s Day

HE said:

Buying gifts for the “typical guy” is difficult for 2 reasons:

1.  If asked, they say (with a shoulder shrug) “I dunno?”.

2. We don’t like the ideas they give us because it’s not something we consider romantic or even gift-worthy.

But if you really do luuuvv your main squeeze, here are a few insights to giving him the gift that he will love.

After a poll of guys; single, dating, married, ages 15-40+ I present, to you, my findings.

1. Mr. Geek

A shirt celebrating his favorite sci-fi movie or video game, memorabilia (I am married to a geek… he L-O-V-E-S his WOW shirt). A GC for the game he plays (some games require subscriptions and many offer premium super powers, weapons etc. at an additional cost). Mr. Geek also loves having the latest tech gadget or accessory to his tech gadget. (He most likely has these items saved in his Amazon wish list.)



2. Mr. Fix-it

While we lovely ladies a have strict ‘no appliance as a gift’ policy, Mr. Fix-it enjoys receiving power tools and gift certificates to a home improvement store. Does he like quality time? Offer to work together on a project, guys love to show off their mad skillz teach their leading ladies life skills.




3. Mr. Romantic

Plan his perfect day or date, start to finish. Meaning, you whisk him away and he needs only to be concerned with enjoying the date. Ask him to write out what his perfect day would look like (cut out the guess work) and then make as much of it as you can come true. A few Mr. Romantics I heard from mentioned wanting a day at the beach, concert or show, a surprise picnic lunch, play music…



4. Mr. Practical

For the man who hates to shop consider giving him an Essentials gift basket. It could include socks, undershirts, underwear, car detailing kit, shaving kits, deodorant… Mr. Practical also loves gift certificates for the restaurant he gets lunch from every day, iTunes, or other stores he frequents.




5. Mr. Foodie

How about a masculine spin on a Valentine tradition? Our resident chef’s husband (also a chef) asked for Wicked Hot Chocolate (Its spicy hot chocolate). Is he an adult beverage connoisseur? Get him a specialty beer, scotch or whisky. You can get him his favorite or expand his collection with something new. And don’t forget to include the unique glasses/mugs. Take him somewhere he has never been. Gourmet food trucks are a great way to try something new in an inexpensive way. Just google it (ex: food trucks in Orlando).
Finally, 99.9% of guys L-O-V-E a big breakfast and excessive amounts of BACON!


6. Mr. Style

Mr. Style likes the latest trends, so stay away from the staple items like the black belt that goes with everything. A watch, a tie clip, cologne, belt, tie, vest. How about a white belt, a colored tie clip, or a bow tie?




7. Mr. Adventure

Not all adventures have to be life threatening or dangerous. An adventure is simply something you’ve never done before. “Anything that she wouldn’t normally want to do, so I know she’s doing it for me. (skydive, action flick, video games, deep fried foods, shooting/gun range, etc..)” – Mr. Adventure




8. Mr. Executive

Does the idea of a corporate takeover  get your guy’s blood boiling? Chances are, he would love a subscription to The Economist, Forbes, Fortune, or Money Magazines. If he’s already got those covered, how about a gift card to Amazon so he can buy himself the latest book on how to take over the world? A cool desk gadget is always fun too, from am obscure place like a museum store (google it). I know it’s cliche, but this guy really does like new ties- since  you are already his stylist, get him a trendy tie that will be sure to stand out. Another great gift for Mr. Executive is a great pair of shoes, like the new Cole Haan’s with Nike built-in technology.


The moral of the story is “Do unto others as you would have them do to you.”
In English: Give your guy his dream gift or dream date, and he will be inspired to give you your dream gift and/or date.”

Perhaps you will have 2 Valentines Days this year. His and Hers.

Good Luck and Happy Valentines Day!