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Home Design: Small Changes For A Big Impact

Home Design: Small Changes for Big Impact

Many people dread redecorating because of the hole it can leave in your wallet. However, keep in mind that good taste has nothing to do with how much money you spend. It’s all about little changes that leave big impression. Indeed, some pieces of décor require more money than others, but there are others that can cost next to nothing. Here are some tips that will help you redecorate your home and refresh your space in a quick and affordable manner.

Decorative pillows

If you feel like your living room needs a bit of color, the easiest thing you can do is throw some decorative pillows on your sofa and they will instantly transform the entire room. They are usually cheap and bring fullness and comfort to the space. If your house doesn’t lack color, you can always get pillows in neutral colors but with different textures to add a dash of coziness and personality. Toss them around, and play with designs and textures until you find the right arrangement.

Light it up

The right lighting can transform any room and act as a wonderful centerpiece. If you feel a bit DIY-ish, try repainting that old lamp or making a custom lampshade out of interesting materials. Change the bulbs or add dimmers for a different ambiance. Add a touch of luxury with a metallic or gold-leafed lamp or install Edison bulbs for a more industrial look. Flea markets are usually full of old and cheap chandeliers if you want to create a vintage interior. You have many choices, so take your pick.

Private art gallery

You probably have a bunch of photographs, motivational quotes and old artwork that has been waiting to be put up forever. Why wait? Get some cheap frames and put them up for an instant personalization of any space. If you have kids, their artwork will turn a house into a home in no time. You can always switch old photos with new ones and refresh the space, and the best part is that this trick is completely free. If you still like art you have up, you can simply refurbish the frames or get new ones altogether. It will instantly make old pieces look new.

Don’t forget the floor

Rugs are often neglected decorative pieces, because people tend to forget how a single rug can transform an entire room. You can use interesting floor rugs to accentuate some other details or to bring some color into the room. Don’t be scared of prints and patterns because they can make any room more interesting. Designers today are all about rug layering, because it’s a great, quick way to add texture.

Refresh the shelves

If you feel like you’re having a déjà vu every time you see your bookshelf, it’s high time you redecorate it. Try inlaying the shelf with wallpaper a couple of shades darker then the room to bring out the content and accentuate the details. Organize the books and objects by color to create a vibrant centerpiece, change the orientation of books for a fresh look or display some new and interesting conversation-starter pieces that will attract attention of everyone who enters your room. Rearrange stuff on your shelves until you are satisfied with a new setup.

See? Redecorating is not about how much money you spend, but HOW you spend it. Sometimes you will strike a jackpot on your first try, but sometimes you will learn through trial and error. Play with details, patterns and textures until you get what you wanted.

Guest Blogger: Elise Morgan
Elise is an ordinary girl with an extraordinary life that she shares with her 8 pets. She is a health and fitness fanatic who adores hiking, long bicycle rides, paragliding and all sorts of extreme sports. After all, she did spend hundreds of hours in the air. She loves writing about health, beauty, adventures, experiences and life in general. You can follow Elise on Twitter .