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Luxury Yacht Private Charter Auction Opening Up Online – now!

Friday night’s White October Auction was a huge success! One item left hanging in the balance was our Luxury Yacht Private Charter. In pre-bidding and live bidding, it got up to $4200.00 in an exciting showdown!

However, we have still not met the reserve of this exciting and generous donation which holds a $8,000- $10,000 value!

Current Bid: $4200.00 – Mr. Paul Sherman

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So now, as promised, we are opening up this auction here, online, through our website! Here’s how it will go:

Email SERIOUS bids only of $4300.00 or higher, (with a minimum raise of $100) to

As bids come in, we will be posting the latest both on twitter and facebook and here on our website.

PLEASE HELP us spread the word about this amazing auction item by retweeting, and reposting the update statuses!

Bids close by Saturday October 26th, at midnight

Scroll down for more details of the Charter:

white october yacht auction item


Party like the “Rich and Famous” on your own 78 foot, 2 story Luxury Yacht on a Private Charter!

Cruise will leave the famous Coconut Grove Marina touring the gorgeous Key Biscayne and beyond for your own private party (up to 10 ppl*) or a Romantic Date Night (or group date night!). It’s up to you.

This Half-Day Charter will leave at 2 in the afternoon, travel the beautiful waters of the Atlantic, take you to a remote swimming destination, then cruise the bay for a stunning view of the sunset. The party will then return in time to see the twinkling lights of the historic Miami skyline to arrive and dock at 7pm.

Ideas for this Charter:

  • – The ultimate date night
  • – The ultimate double date night- party it up with several couples!
  • – A family day at sea to remember! Bring the whole family- grandkids and all!!!
  • – Small business Corporate Party/Outing

Hors d’oevres and champaign are included. But of course, additional food and beverage may be brought on board- it’s your party, you can do what you want to!

A HUGE thanks to Edmundo & Maria Eugenia Alliegro of Citimarine Yachts for this generous donation…

*conditions apply:
If more than 6 ppl are attending party, an additional fee would need to be included for proper catering of a party of that size.