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I Love Miley Cyrus – Hear Me Out…

I love Miley Cyrus.

If you aren’t a fan of Miley’s VMAs performance or her recent video, “We Can’t Stop”, you’re probably scratching your head.

You know that embarrassing thing you did a while back  you hope no one brings up ever again?

Miley is living that. Right. Now.

I haven’t walked a step in those wild shoes and yet it’s clear something is missing in Miley’s life.  I haven’t quite pinpointed when Sweet Miley (Destiny Hope Cyrus) turned into Over-The-Top Wild Miley Ray but there was most certainly a trigger.

“Twerking” and licking a married man, the countless premature sexual awakenings she’s provoked, the drug use… I don’t love her because of the antics, I love Miley in spite of them.

Ready for the Bass Drop?

Miley Cyrus is my sister.  Say Whaaaat?  

It’s true. Like it or not, she is OUR sister on this crazy ride. I see you rolling your eyes! Keep reading, judge-y.

If Miley and I could have a heart-to-heart, this is what Big Sis would tell her:

  • On a day of your choosing, you may use the blessing of fame as a platform that inspires positive change.
  • I hope that when you are married, you have a husband who treasures you and places such a high value on your relationship that he would NEVER allow another woman to “Twerk” on him.
  • You have the power to choose your Legacy. Do you wish to be remembered as a train wreck?

The girl is after attention – and negative attention seems to do just fine. You know why? Because what she really needs is LOVE and Acceptance. Just like you. Just like me.

No, I’m not trying to make you feel badly for thinking she’s out of control. I’m challenging MYSELF and I’m challenging  you to be generous in our evaluation of others and to see their behavior for what it really is…

Marinate on that.

~ Vanessa