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International Women’s Day: 4 Girls Changing The World

In honor of International Women’s Day, here are four young women that are making our world a little more Lovely.

Natalie Hampton

Natalie Hampton is a 16 year old high school student who created the app “Sit With Us” with the goal to bring kids together. She told the LA Daily news, that she was inspired to create mobile ap after she ate alone her entire seventh grade year, leaving her a target for bullying. Read more of the inspiration behind the story on her website.

Marceline Kongolo-Bice

Marceline Kongolo-Bice grew up surrounded by war in Congo’s Maniema province.  Marceline witnessed the rampant rape and massacre of women which led her to found SOS Femmes en Dangers, the grassroots non-governmental organization (NGO) that aids rape victims. The organization works to rehabilitate the victims, to build back the confidence they need to reconnect with their families and communities.

Yusra Mardini

Yusra Mardini is a Syrian refugee who saved the lives of 20 people after their boat’s motor began to fail. She and two others jumped in and swam in open water for three hours from Turkey to the Greek Island of Lesbos.  In an interview with CBS Mardini said, “When you have [a] problem in your life that doesn’t mean you need to sit down and cry like babies. The problem was the reason why I am here, and why I am stronger and I want to reach my goal.”  She proudly represented the first ever refugee team at the Rio Olympics. Talk about hero status!

Mary Grace Henry

Mary Grace Henry is the founder of Reverse The Course. Her headband-making business donates 100 percent of its profits toward educational opportunities for girls, primarily in Uganda and Kenya. Henry was inspired to launch her business after learning about early marriage in the developing world — a practice that drastically reduces the likelihood of a girl accessing education. Her advice for those wanting to make a difference?  “Dream big, but start small, taking little steps. Set an initial goal and don’t scare yourself thinking about the ‘what ifs.’ Each step taken will present both new opportunities and new challenges. Face each one as it comes and then keep going. All those little steps, done with love, will lead you to places impossible to imagine.”

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Happy International Women’s Day from us to you!