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Letters from the Editors: December, a Lovely Christmas

Hello Santa’s Helpers,

{Dr. Crystal} “It’s the most won-der-ful time of the year…” We might not all agree with that, but we do want to recognize opportunities this month will bring to shower the ones we love with our time, attention and gifts here and there. Whether it’s Secret Santa’s, white elephant, “under $20” and “no more than $100,” homemade or handmade, stuffed in a stocking or wrapped with gold glitz… we show love this season with all sorts of gifts.

This is our first Lovely Project Christmas together and we have gifts for you. This month we have another great give-away, new bucket lists, gifts to make and ways to mend relationships. We offer a holiday breakfast menu perfect for your guests, a guide to holiday movie watching and in our Lovely World we will highlight the “Year of the Woman – 2012” (Spoiler alert: my name isn’t there.)

For the first time, I will be observing “the 12 days of Christmas” for my husband. (It’s supposed to be a surprise, so this will show me if he reads my posts.) Gals, I need enough gift ideas from you to get me through all 12 days. Because, if I follow my usual enthusiastic ways, I will start out lavishly for the first 6 or 7 days, and by time the 12th day rolls around, he will end up with a pack of sugarless gum or a note scribbled on the back of a napkin that will double as a coupon for something “special.” So – ideas, please! Help me look like the best wife ever.

Overall, Christmas’s nowadays seem pretty tame compared to when our kids were small. One particularly memorable Christmas involved one of our young children, walking in their sleep, thinking a guest’s suitcase was the lid to the toilet seat. There had been much Juicy Juice with dinner and lots of water before bedtime. ‘Nough said. Or the Great Christmas Cleanse of ’99 when the stomach flu swept through the house like a cold, North wind… but only after we had all eaten lots of holiday food. (It never looks the same on the return trip, does it?)

From our home to yours, we wish you the love of this Season. We, at The Lovely Project, celebrate the birth of our Lord during Christmas and we do that by giving of ourselves to the ones we love and the ones who need love.



{Freedom} If you noticed a bit of a change in the look of our blog, then you are very observant. We are making room for a very exciting thing we will be bringing to you in January! And as we all know, in order to bring something new in, a little bit of house cleaning is in order! We must make room!!! But, I am getting a bit ahead of myself.

As you spend the month celebrating- we figured out a way we can all share together…

THE WHOLE MONTH OF DECEMBER, we will be having a Christmas Instagram Party!!! On the homepage of TLP, we will be featuring YOUR images of any and all things Christmas. When posting a photo to Instagram, just use this hashtag: #lovelychristmas  and your image will appear on our TLP homepage for all to enjoy! Show us your decor, your trip to g-ma’s house, your gifts, your great finds, your snow, and any and all things Christmas!!!

Give it a try! It’ll be FUN!!!


Here’s to our readers, and the best Holiday Season ever!

Dr. C and Freedom

(your TLP editors-in-chief)