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Letters from the Editors – November – “A “THANKS”ful Thanksgiving”

Hello Lovely Ladies,

Now is the time we shift our attention and energy to holiday excitement! It is our favorite time of year here at The Lovely Project

We begin with November, the month of thankfulness.

Even though in most department stores the gold rush is on for Christmas, here at the Lovely Project, we are going to take the time to enjoy a Lovely Thanksgiving. We realize that all too soon (or maybe not soon enough) December 31st will be here and we may all be saying “thank God that’s over!”

We are so pleased and excited to share our first Lovely Thanksgiving with you.  All of the fun things that we have planned for this month revolve around this festive season!

In our launch month we were posting at least one new article a day.

In November, we are doubling that- so make sure you are connected to us, because you won’t want to miss anything!!!

Here’s just a little peek at what we will be bringing you this month:

We have a great give-away, as well as a printable, which will help you organize your Thanksgiving. We have some amazing, original Thanksgiving recipes to share, plus a collection of sides that were contributed by our team, some faves that we have had with our families, and we now pass along to yours!

In November’s lineup we will also have some fun, new challenges for you. (For some of us the challenge will be preparing the new recipes.) We have really great ideas that will inspire you and tons of creative activities to make this holiday with your family the most fun, most enjoyable holiday season ever. TLP is all about making experiences truly satisfying.

Trying to find the balance between “what I have to get done” and the “the ones I am doing it for”(family) is difficult. Yet, I know with a bit of planning we can have, not only the exhilaration of trying new things this month, but also, enjoy beloved family traditions with our children.

Kids love routine! It makes them feel secure and the holiday traditions that we practice each year help to build that security in our children. One of our goals as parents is for our children to grow up feeling secure and safe in our love and in our family. Holiday traditions are a great way to do this. Whether you love to cook, love to eat what has been cooked or simply enjoy a beautiful piece of artful photography, you are gonna love our Lovely Kitchen this whole month. Consider it our present to you! If you have small children we will have excellent articles on keeping them engaged during “the meal.”

As it is also an election month, we posted a story last week “Hey Ladies- Rock the VOTE- Suffering through Suffrage” about the price that came with a woman’s right to vote so, please exercise that freedom and vote on Tuesday.

We would love to hear what traditions you practice on your branch of the family tree or in your neck of the woods. Here’s to an abundant and thankful November!


Crystal and Freedom,
your Lovely editors-in-chief