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Letters from the Editors: Gearing up For a Fun, Full Fall!

DET-EndSummer01At the Lovely Project HQ, we are winding down from our “chill” summer and gearing up for a full, fun Fall. On Saturday October 4th, we will sponsor the Lovely One Day Experience. We are adding so many crazy, fun things to the day that I’m not sure how we’re going to pack it all in!

We have introduced you to many young women whose lives are changing based on choices they are empowered to make now and the friendships they are developing around them. And you will hear more Lovely Like Me stories as we make our way into Fall.

The Lovely Project is now partnering with the University Behavioral Center to be a listening ear and a resource to the girls who want to feel lovely.

The Lovely Project is also partnering with Pine Hills YMCA to be a support to girls after school. Using that “after school” time to enlarge their vision for life and to encourage creativity and leadership.

Realizing the value in each human life.

Releasing a voice to empower and change lives.

Renewing decisions to be courageous and strong.


There are a lot of messages that tear at the fabric of a healthy identity for a young girl. We intend to be a voice for reason. We purpose to be a vehicle for the resources in our community to be channeled where they can do the most good in the lives of these girls.

The Lovely Project intends to be part of the answer for girls in Orlando.

Forward to the rest of the year,

Dr. C.