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The #LivingLovely Girls Attempt YouTube


You may have seen us by now, four girls introducing themselves on the Lovely Project’s YouTube channel. What started off as two sets of best friends having lunch together one afternoon, has now turned into us starting a YouTube channel. We are the Living Lovely Ladies and you, the viewer are our focus!


First you met Kim. She is LITERALLY one of the coolest and most amazing girls I have ever met. She is a natural born leader and seriously, the sweetest. I feel so blessed to work alongside her as a mentor each week at University Behavioral Center. It’s evident how much she loves others, because she travels all over to make sure girls realize how lovely they are. I am so thankful that girls of all ages can find a friend in Kim. When we were all discussing what we wanted this YouTube page to become Kim said, “I wanted to start the Living Lovely to raise our voices in a positive way. YouTube is an outlet that has such an impact on my generation. Everyone goes to YouTube for instructions on ‘How to do Life.’ I wanted to provide a positive blueprint. Living Lovely will cover a variety of things. We will have fun videos that show the <3ly girls trying out new things, but we will also have videos that cover the topics everyone needs guidance on. This channel will follow what our viewers need.”


Then you met, Jackie. She is also AMAZING! (If you haven’t picked up on it yet, I am a huge fan of all the Lovely Ladies.) Jackie is not even 25, but she is a female engineer (#girlpower) and has her own coffee business called Dabney’s Coffee and Tea. You can find her selling her delicious coffee each Saturday at the Lake Mary Farmers Market and all of the Net Profit goes directly to the Lovely Project. She inspires me to do more, and to give more each and everyday and I absolutely love being her friend.



Then you all met me, Emily. And I might be biased (totally) but I think I am pretty cool, despite being ridiculously clumsy and pretty awkward.  Seriously, I probably tell a stranger how good they smell on a daily basis, but not just like “Hey, you smell nice,” it’s because it’s very obvious I am sniffing their scent. And I don’t remember the last day I didn’t spill something, or trip and then laugh uncontrollably at myself… Any who, I love the Lovely Project and what it stands for. It’s been a way for me to gain friendships that challenge me, but these friendships also keep pushing me despite the obstacles and failures I have endured on the journey of life. We really are #bettertogether and Lovely helped me to realize this. I love that I get to show this to girls at UBC and Wheatley Elementary on a weekly basis. When it comes to Living Lovely on YouTube, I am actually terrified of being on camera, and nervous about people seeing just how ridiculous I am. Despite these fears, I know I am going to have three of the sweetest friends by my side to keep me sane. I am excited to see the page grow and know the possibilities are endless. I want the girls watching to realize that they can accomplish anything they put their mind to. I want them to see that even though we are lovely mentors, we still struggle. I want the viewer to see that we aren’t perfect, we struggle, but we overcome these obstacles with each other all while laughing and staying positive.

Finally you met, Caitlyn. She is my best friend, and HILARIOUS.  She’s 21, has a full time job and still finds time to mentor girls all the way in Honduras.  There’s not a day that goes by that she doesn’t make me laugh uncontrollably.  When asked why she wanted to be a part of Living Lovely she said, “I wanted to be a part of Living Lovely and the YouTube channel because I love The Lovely Project and what they stand for, to empower and uplift girls so they realize their true worth and all that they are capable of doing. This YouTube channel is a fun way to do just that! So, get ready for some fun silly content, crazy challenge videos and our Wisdom Wednesday videos where we answer any questions you might have for us.”

Our goal is to have new content up weekly. This week we had some mishaps. We are amateurs and Caitlyn and I spent six hours filming something really funny, only to realize that we didn’t actually have any audio recorded. Everything was out of focus and it was a complete disaster. Even though we were pretty bummed and upset because of this misstep, we had each other’s support and were able to cheer one another up. We made a plan and are more determined than ever to make Living Lovely on YouTube a reality.

So, re-watch our introductory videos. Subscribe to the page so you can watch all of our upcoming videos.  Most importantly, please comment and tell us what you want this page to include. What questions do you have for us to answer on Wisdom Wednesday? What challenges do you want to see us take part in? What fears do you have that you want us to conquer to show you all that it is possible? We are ready for it all. This YouTube channel is for YOU!  We are ready to show you what it really means to be #LivingLovely.

Head on over and let us know what you think!