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Lovely and Lasting #Bettertogether

If you have been to an experience or read any of our personal stories here, then you have heard us say in some way, “… And then I met a group of lovely ladies and…” I am one lovely lady whose life is forever changed because of the lovelies I am surrounded by.


We are best friends. We are going to elementary and middle school together, graduating high school and college together. We are dating, getting engaged and being each other’s bridesmaids. We are starting and growing our careers together and getting pregnant and having children together. We are supporting each other when life brings more of the same disappointments, heartbreaks and tragedies that first brought us together. We are work together to reach every girl in Orlando and beyond so that no one is lonely or feels unlovely. Perhaps a story or article has left you wondering how we are able to have such impactful and long lasting friendships?


Well, here’s the secret….


We are a Lovely PROJECT. We are a work in progress. Our friendships need care and commitment. Meaningful friendships take time. I’m not talking about the accumulation of years and years, although that adds a sweetness to it, but rather, the time you have today. The time you have this week. A real meaningful friendship needs real and consistent face time. Not Facebook time, Instagram time, Snapchat time, not even texting time. I enjoy each of these apps daily, but I know that they are not the proof of or even assist in the building of a true and lovely friendship. A real friend requires real contact. Face to face, hearing each other’s voice, giving real hugs, real tears, real LOL’s! In The Lovely Project, we make real effort to do these real things with each other every week. And guess what?! It’s making a REAL difference!



Every day, every week, every year, we keep working. We keep growing, dreaming, overcoming… together. We do it all together. You were born with an irrevocable value and purpose. You don’t need to be a part of The Lovely Project to be Lovely. You already are. But oh how we would love love love to link arms with you. To lean on and be leaned on by YOU! Let’s make 2017 the loveliest year yet! Together. Let’s be Lovely together!


I hope you will join me and the rest of TLP at the The Lovely Project Experience Saturday February 4th!