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Lovely Throwback Thursday: 90’s Fashion Trends, the ones we don’t miss #tbt

The 90’s gave way to some fantastic trends, many of which we still love. Then there were these, the ones we don’t miss…



Chain Wallets– Just in case your pocket isn’t enough security, this fashion trend ensures your wallet is firmly fastened.




Bandanas– You had to have one in every color to match every outfit, plus it meant you didn’t have to worry about styling your hair.




Flat Tops– sadly this trend is making a comeback… do we really want to see this again?




Velvet Chokers– totally worth that neck itchy feeling, especially if it had a peace sign attached to it.




Best friend Necklaces– Only a true friend would give you half of a broken pendant. Loosing your sacred half was detrimental to the friendship.


These represent only a few of the trends we loved back then but not so much anymore. What  90s Fashion trends don’t you miss?