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Meet Aslinn- “Though She Be But Little, She is Fierce!”

What’s special about being the 3rd girl in a family?  Exactly.  Not much.

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At least that’s what I thought.  My younger brother soon followed my arrival into this world and thus the completion of my family.  Want a recipe for having no identity? Grow up in a family where everyone is extremely talented + the feeling that you have nothing to contribute, talents or otherwise = no voice.  No identity.  Nothing that made me special.  So I decided,  “just go with the flow, try not to disappear completely, and make sure everybody likes you.”

I had 1 sister who was a great singer and won a competition on TV, another sister who was a professional ballerina by the time she was 15 years old, and then the “yes! We finally had a boy” brother who was great at every single sport and was taught by my dad to fix or build anything.


My family would count the number of times I spilled my drink at the dinner table + how many times I’d drop my silverware.  Not exactly talented or special.  (My klutzy flair didn’t end in childhood – in college I rolled my ankle in front of the university library, fell, and rolled all the way down the hill in front of… well… everybody.)

Yeah, yeah… so my story’s not that sad.  But even so, I struggled to find my voice, my confidence, my identity.

Trying to find your voice is a major crisis for girls.  Discovering how to have confidence in your own skin is tough, especially when every other voice seems SO LOUD around you.  Family drama, favored siblings, trauma, divorce, abuse, poverty, bullying — I feel lost in noise just typing this.

Its hard enough being confident and finding your voice in a healthy environment – but imagine if you have others telling you, “what happens in the family stays in the family.  Don’t tell people you… were abused, touched inappropriately, struggle with depression, etc, etc.”

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You, lovely girl, have a VOICE! I’m so excited to help you discover it at the Lovely Project Experience.  It took me a while to figure it out, but once I stopped trying to be like everyone else – I was able to find MY voice.

And now, I am FIERCE!

I still am not a good singer, dancer, or athlete – but I’ve spoken publicly to thousands of people and traveled to fun places like Peru and Scotland to do so.  I definitely never saw that coming…

If you are a girl between the ages of 11-19 – I’ll see you there!  Register now, the event is FREE.

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