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Aslinn Bouton – Co Founder, The Lovely Project Foundation

Meet Aslinn- she

Aslinn Bouton

is a native of Orlando, Florida. Married in 2006 she and her husband, David, are youth pastors at Northwest Church.

Aslinn has been mentoring girls and young adults for 10 years. She is the co-creator of the “Lovely Encounter;” a weekend retreat for teens & 20-somethings to receive healing for their self-esteem and identity.  With the support and hard work of her team of leaders, a big difference is being made in Central Florida.

Aslinn has traveled across seas as a public speaker to young adults.  In 2009 she traveled to Lima, Peru to speak at the “Revolucion Conference” hosted by Agua Viva, the largest church in Peru, with over 100,000 members!  In 2010 and 2011 she traveled to Dundee, Scotland to speak at “Radiance” a women’s conference hosted by The Gate Church International.

Her guilty pleasure: drinking coca-cola.  Her must have item: tooth brush.  Bad habit she should break: falling asleep with a book or TV on. 

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