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Christine Sellers- Contributor, Director of Operations

christine sellers, contributor, The Lovely Project

Christine Sellers attacks life head on.  Her greatest passion is being a mother to her three children, and to those who do not know what it means to have a mom.  She has traveled to Ukraine as a speaker and mentor to mothers and daughters embracing freedom for the first time.

Christine has been known to miss moments in time as a photographer, but not very many. She has turned her love of photography into a part time career, doing contract photography for and,  as well as her own blog

Jim Sellers is honored to be her husband of 16 years, and is looking forward to their mutual attack on life.  They have a small family farm, including goats, chickens, quail, pigs, rabbits and an spectacular garden. Together they teach the leadership program at Northwest Church, hoping to change the world by teaching people to change their own.

She is a graduate of University of Central Florida with a BS in Psychology.

Her loves include all things fun!  Especially if you can incorporate that with her family and friends!

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