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Joy Mackubin- Managing Editor – lovelyMiss/Mrs, Contributor

Joy Mackubin, Contributor The Lovely Project

Joy is a wife to an awesome man, and mama of two crazy-awesome boys.

She is an Orlando native with zero plans of ever moving, but lots of plans to explore the world!

She is living out her dreams of still being in love Jesus Christ, being a wife, mom and raising her kids along with her sisters and their kids at the same church they grew up in.

Like all moms, she ‘does it all,’ everyday, all day. Joy loves to home-stage, decorate, organize and do it all on a dime. She has successfully made her home into a place where her husband and children most want to be, and her friends always feel welcome.

Joy’s cornerstone is: When she refreshes others, she refreshes herself. This is not only true, but it can be mastered by anyone!

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