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Dr. Crystal Evans: Founder of TLP, Creative Editor

When Crystal Evans began the Lovely Project over 10 years ago, she was “merely” a mom of 4.

Her own babies nearly raised and looking to the future asking “what next?” Little did she know, her mothering role had only just begun. She then had an outrageous idea.  “I could mother multitudes.”

Coming from a long line of strong and confident women, Crystal spent years in the trenches.  A student of the world, having lived in 3 different cultures as a young girl, she had seen first-hand the lies that are relayed to girls and women about their worth, their values, their abilities, and potential.

Raising her own 3 girls and 1 boy to vehemently oppose those views not just with their opinions, but through their lives became a mission unto itself over the years along with her burly Pastor husband, Mark Evans.

Truly a “pioneer woman” in every sense, she and Mark carved out a ranch house in the jungles of Florida- literally building their home with the logs they cleared away.

She taught all 4 of her kids to read in that home. And although all her children are all raised and serving Jesus in their own passions now, Mark and Crystal call that home-base, still today.

The wife of a visioneer is never an easy job, and after faithfully supporting her Husband for years as head Pastor of a church (that started in their living room and grew to a several hundred)- never one to be outdone, Crystal knew her role was not just a “praying sidekick” anymore. This is when she realized the fact that she could take these values, ideals, and beliefs beyond the borders of the Evans Ranch to spill over into the City of Orlando.

But How?

Simple Math, really. Choose a handful of women who needed a mentor. Love them. Befriend them. Share life with them. Equip them. Dare them to dream, and formulate them into a team. Watch them transform, and then teach them to do the same.

With this idea, “The Lovely Project” began.

Crystal asked a handful of women to come alongside her, to share in the idea that they could make a difference in the lives of other women. This hodge-podge gaggle of women from all different points-of-view, upbringings, and strong-wills have been together over 10 years now (a miracle in and of itself) and has multiplied to a huge network of women who are also taking on this revolutionary idea: that they too can make everything they touch, lovely.

Making it “go viral” into, and outside of, a city where the need is so desperate is the next step.

What could happen if there existed a team who really believed they could make a change in their city? This team is in the process of finding this out.

Throughout all of this mentoring and building Crystal desired to go back to school to complete a Masters, and then on to a PhD. Many would have taken a leave of absence to do this work, but not Crystal. She continued on in her roles, and as a matter of fact, only let on to a handful of people that she was, in her “spare time” taking full-time classes, and writing theses. Now, having earned her PhD in Theology, minoring in Counseling, the roof has been blown off, and literally the sky is the limit.

The Lovely Project has expanded beyond the four walls, yet again, and Crystal has had opportunities to speak internationally at different conventions and conferences in countries like: Peru, Scotland, Ireland, and the Ukraine, as well as different events here in the US. She also shares regularly at Northwest Church in Orlando, Florida from the pulpit- sharing the lovely message of God’s desire to have a relationship with woman, and their unique contribution to the world.

The Lovely Project, and it’s ideals, are now going viral through the means of the internet, and through conferences and other special events.

If you’d like information on having Dr. Crystal speak at your event- please Contact Us by clicking the link below!